‘Langgun of on 100th’ and 12.7% the itself highest ratings…tvN drama 5 Wi


The national charge less than the cable channel TvN TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘Langgun of on 100th’ which the actor Kyongsu Do winter solstice string starring ‘Langgun of on 100th’ recorded 12.7% self highest ratings and it rose per B of the successive generations TvN drama, 24 days TV rating research firm Nielsen Korea is broadcasted the day before at 9:30 p.m. (the script bare ground rumor · direction dissimilar material) the audience rating 12.7%(The platform furniture standard) was brightenned that it recorded. This is the highest figure among all programs broadcasted in the whole channel including the time zone same ground wave, pay platform, and etc. ‘Langgun of on 100th’ started with 1 time audience rating 5.0% had been seeing the rating rise pass constantly. All strings the attention the audience rating which is high for the fifth Jjae is shown among the successive generations drama of the TvN which moreover it is known as ‘the drama reputable family’ in this time roundIn the day before broadcasting, the heart-rending getting back together of the red lead (geehyun Nam) and interest rate which finds and starts him (kyongsu Do), content, and etc. that the interest rate takes the memory back were on the air. In integrity Crown Prince, the Langgun Nim ‘ of on 100th is the fusion quadrupole drawing the romance between 100 days of Joseon the oldest Wonnyeo Shimui Hong and the circle interest (kyongsu Do) degrading to the abruptly useless man.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736114.htm, 2018/10/24 09:29:02]