‘PD note’ real estate Seryeok 新 ‘the fashion · Leena gold’ topic


The real estate star lecturer ‘fashion’ and ‘leena gold’ which is on the air through ‘PD note’ arrests attention and there is. In MBC ‘the secret of the price of an apartment affected the PD note-‘ chapter broadcasted in the afternoon on 23rd, the reality of the speculators was covered after the price of an apartment sudden rise. ‘PD note’ mentioned the real estate star lecturer as the secret of Gwangju Metropolitan City Bongseondong local apartment price which the real trading price rises about 500 million wons in 1 year. The first was ‘fashion’ among the real estate star lecturers pointed out as the cause for the national apartment price rise. “it is Kwangju Bongseondong and Susong-gu in Daegu” “as soon as Bongseondong was mentioned in my book, it increased so that the per pyeong 5 million won could be over” back specific area was mentioned and the fashion had the speech inciting the speculation. This local apartment price rose suddenly actually recently. According to this day broadcasting, the price, that is 472 million won, rose Kwangju Bongseondong meterial ‘the Hangugadel Ri sprout’ third supply side 164㎡ to 990 million won on March, 2017 on August, 2018. The sensation came to the speech about Apgujeong-dong of the fashion. Apgujeong-dong house price explained the fashion “the people will think that they will be expensive but the money is not important for the men living that place”. After that, as to He, ” that place is the kingdom of them. It was the old apartment, there was the expectancy about the future through the reconstruction, no matter what, it added. Leena gold star lecturer called as the real estate queen had great the popularity. In this day broadcast, yous who get to get the lecture of Leena gold and sliver “(I spoke as the lucky person “. According to the PD note broadcasting, with asking price for 10 million won the taking course Ryo of Leena gold is assumed. Leena gold said to the production crew “it is 11 million won lecture and for the originally, 5.5 million won does all Banneun with the book commemoration of publication”. The star lecturers where there is the recognition, that is ” nation-wide, raised the price of one area and have the influence that got off and that representatives of real estate industry can let loose on the action of the real estate star lecturers. Even if those men stopped quite, ㅇ operated “***” (star lecturers) trainee 10%, if 100 people entered one area suddenly, it turned into a madhouse, it said and this region explained to be unreasonable.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736139.htm, 2018/10/24 11:38:53]