Samsung Electronics ‘KES 2018’ participation “the life implementation which there was no in the world”


It participates in ‘KES 2018 (korea Electronics Show)’ which is held in Seoul Ko-Ex from 24th until the coming 27th and Samsung Electronics shows the strategic products a lot this year. Samsung Electronics could comprise the showroom with the concept called ‘the life which there was no in the world’ and can experience the various products which the spectators, as to ‘QLED 8K’ and ‘the galaxy note 9’, ‘the galaxy A7’, ‘the air dresser’, and ‘the drier Geurang part’ etc. innovation technology is applied directly. Especially, Samsung showroom ran the experience corner with the subject which not only exhibiting product but also ‘image quality comparison’, ‘the clothes administration’, ‘gaming’, and ‘camera shooting’ etc. is various and the product which the spectators are right for its own life style and place where one can experience using the contents was prepared. In the image quality comparison corner, the existing TV and comparison was displayed so that the spectators could appreciate HD of ‘QLED 8K’ TV opened primally in ‘IFA 2018’. The spectators can experience the definition of 8K Screen Resolution in which 33 million pixels is applied and best in which the quantum dot technology makes through the various contents demonstrations. In the clothes care corner, the purity and measured clothe administration the fabric damage carefree can be experienced through launched Samsung clothes purifier ‘the air dresser’ in last August directly. After ‘the Mycoat room’ was prepared and the spectators enjoyed the display if the coat or jacket, and etc. was entrusted, especially the clothes managed with ‘the air dresser’ could be found. Additionally, the clothes of the various meterial including the school uniform and suit, one-piece, and etc. is arranged and the spectators scan the clothes label bar code directly and it can be recommended the optimum clothes administration course. The temperature 60 degree ‘ of the drier Geurang part ‘there decide to be no fabric damage in the low temperature even when reducing the dry period innovatively’ magic was emphasized. In the mobile &IT corner, ‘samsung notebook Flash’ adding the new style was displayed in ‘the galaxy A7’ etc. latest galaxy smart phone and maximum speed supporting the triple camera primally with ‘the smart S pen’ built-in ‘the galaxy note 9’ galaxy. The spectators can experience the differentiated function of the galaxy such as by using ‘the smart S pen’ of ‘the galaxy note 9’ in which the Bluetooth (BLE) is mounted, photographing with the remote or decorating the photograph with the natural feeling of writing down, etc. In ‘gaming’ corner, the various IT product oves Samsung including ‘the galaxy note 9’, ‘samsung notebook Odyssey Z’, gaming monitor, and etc. are utilized and ‘battle ground’ and ‘the port night’, that is the high specification game, can be enjoyed. Besides, the various experience zone which could display the air cleaner ‘cube’, ‘the family hub’ refrigerator, and ‘the calm air conditioner’ etc. and experience ‘the connected life’ controlling all ones with a comment through the artificial intelligence-based speech recognition platform ‘bixby’ was prepared. Samsung Group electronics authorized person told “the more consumers wish to experience the daily which the renovation goods of Samsung makes pleasure in the Korea Electronics Show directly”. In the meantime, ‘QLED 8K’ TV, as to ‘the best new product’ and ‘the galaxy note 9’ were chosen in ‘KES innovation award’ presented in the innovative product as ‘the best contents’.
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