SK Telecom and first opening to the public “AI ecosystem lead” in ‘someone’ open platform general


‘open platform’ developing SKttelrekkomlee artificial intelligence (AI) ‘someone’ service easily was opened to the public and it came out on the quenching for AI ecosystem expansion. SK Telecom held ‘the someone conference 2018’ opening the technology of AI open platform ‘the someone DeBello force’ and utilizing method, and etc. in Seoul Samseong-dong Entteokkeonttinenttal hotel in the morning on 24th. In this day event, 200 companies and developers that it utilized ‘the someone DeBello force’ and grafted onto the own company and utilizes someone service took part. As to sK Telecom, did you make the service including the convenience store CU and Kkeohil Wo hotel vista, on who and etc. based open platform beta version, it had been operating from June last year. And it opened the website ‘the someone DeBello force’ through the upgrade this time? All Kkeureot the interest of the participants the braille education assistant device (the tap tilo) demonstration through ‘Aidolgaellindeo’ and ‘someone’ speaker, that is the open platform based the celebrity schedule retrieval service, is shown in this day event SK Telecom is looking ahead 3rd Party developers add AI service freely and the service area expands drastically to this open platform opening to the public. SK Telecom Yoosung Jang service platform head of business told “the threshold of the development was lowered through 2 number ‘ someone DeBello force ‘ opening to the public and the start of the opening was a step taken” “AI popularization will be led with the front through SDK opening to the public, and etc”.
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