The bulletproof Boy Scouts and U.S. Billboard Maine album 8 weeks the consecutive rank…’The making a long drive taking advantage of victory ‘


The repackage album LOVE YOURSELF time ‘Answer’ (the rub young fish self ‘ grain ‘ answer) of the bulletproof Boy Scouts according to the latest chart which the Boy group bulletproof Boy Scouts (the member RM, Sugar, battle formation, second hop, Geemin, Bwi, and political situation) put 8 weeks consecutive name about the U.S.A Billboard Maine album chart increase in ranking together, 23 days (local time) Billboard announces ‘ Billboard 200’ 27 Wi was recorded. After going into the first from the Billboard Maine album chart in last September, continuously the bulletproof Boy Scouts occupied the eighth, the 15th, the 19th, the 25th, the 24th, the 31st, and the 27th and was located in 8 weeks series ranking level top. More, all strings the attention especially for this week rank, four steps of contrast rises last weekAnd LOVE YOURSELF time ‘Answer[rises to ‘ world album ‘ 1 Wi, ‘ the independant album ‘ 3 Wi, ‘ the top album sales ‘ 18 Wi, and ‘ the Billboard Canadian album ‘ 24 Wi and is still loved. There is that three Wi of ‘the world album’ and quarternity, thirteen Wi of ‘the independant album’ and the 18th, and 70 Wi of ‘the top album sales’ and the 90th LOVE YOURSELF all ‘Tear’ (the rub young fish self all ‘ tear ‘) and LOVE YOURSELF victory ‘Her’ (the rub young fish self multiplication ‘ Huh ‘) is recorded and LOVE YOURSELF series 3 album learns the world steady popularity altogether. Meantime, the bulletproof Boy Scouts maintains 67 weeks consecutive longest term, 1 Wi in ‘the Sosyeol 50’ and the new record is renewed.
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