The comeback hazing… netizen reaction which is dizzy among the Kim Hyun?


Does ‘ Kim Hyun middle appear on the drama? Is that possible? The singer and actor Kim Hyun middle (32) returns to the Braun tube in 4 years. It stood in the front of public in the constant appearance and position which becomes mature more with one Ppyeom. However, the reaction of the netizen looking at him is cold. The Kim Hyun middle attended KBS W TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the then which the time stops’ production briefing session which is held in Seoul Yongdungpo-gu Times Square in Yeongdeungpo Amoris Hall in the afternoon on 23rd. The Lim Haryong tin Tae making the actor ophthalmic rami string friendly relations with one’s neighbors including the case bloom PD was together in this day event among the Kim Hyun in the besides, the Kim Hyun middle which it is at the front of public after the year 4 was a bit tense look. However, it had the appearance which tries in order to not lose the smile. The place which his sense of responsibility and burden was bigger because of undertaking the heavy responsibility which undertook the hero correction cattle disease in the drama and has to lead the overall of the pole In this day production briefing session, the question pouring to me answered wholeheartedly altogether and the Kim Hyun middle participated with the low attitude. All Nanwot the story including the changes of the last feeling which confined at home for 4 years and which it felt, position in which it engages in the drama, photographing environment, and etc. changed As to especially, the Kim Hyun middle, there was the thing which there is a lot of without reservation over 4 years. The worry and worry was caused to many people. The life will be spent with any kind of word than the word of that it will don’t know if it will have to tell, neverthless it recompenses for the acting and music with “***” the apology and forgiveness and it will recompense for the little more human looks and devoted strength and told. However, as to ‘it will recompense for the human appearance’, the public reaction is still cold unlike his determination. The id Oh25**** is the return because the man who spited curses because the love man was pregnant will be again loved to the public. The advice was flewn toward the Kim Hyun middle, saying that it was Geukhyeom, it was truly. The netizen using ID called Posi**** showed the reactoin which is not understood to see “it is just dirty” the Kim Hyun middle in TV. The broadcasting corporation the netizen called Ddud**** blamed the decision selecting the Kim Hyun middle as the hero. ” ability was in the appearance and there were a lot of the overflowing actors and there was too much and certainly did he have to be Yae on the work which ‘ art ‘ is really the same? Only the writer or photo diode The attitude irresponsible of the production crew appointing the player whose the toughness is not verified, saying that it was the whole girlfriend and Kakaotalk one Bwa, was pointed out. The netizen Syhw**** stands the drama ramen in which the concept of ” drama is nice and which is beautiful. Accordingly, more, the concentration, not, the Doel Deut Is hyunjung Kim able to make a living? As it would like to do, it does and is poor that someone sleeps. The greed was too much, it thrusted a dagger. The Kim Hyun middle waged the former sweetheart most Mao Ssi and court controversy against for 4 years. Most Ssi insists to be pregnant with the child among the Kim Hyun and be assaulted and have a miscarriage. And most Ssi was accused of the criminal libel charge to buy and the Kim Hyun middle proceeded with the civil suit in this. 2 lawsuits were altogether held by the second trial and the attempted fraud was recognized as the guiltiness and it was sentenced to the fine 5 million won and most Ssi was finished. As to the civil suit, the judgment that most Ssi gives 100 million won to the Kim Hyun middle was taken down. This was not end. It was charged with the DUI (driving under the influence) charge in which the Kim Hyun middle is discharged from active service and the fine 2 million won informal command was gotten and the disappointment with was once and given the domestic fans. Meantime, KBS W TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the then which the time stops’ that Kim Hyun middle appears is broadcasted at 11 p.m. on October 24th.
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