‘the day of the national bankruptcy’ Kim Hyesoo · encounter battle formation…’The meeting of the Gahye number ‘with’ Bulkkot Cho ‘


The meeting of ‘the number of Gahye’ and ‘bulkkot Cho’ becomes curious. The acting and breathing was praised highly and ‘the day of the national bankruptcy’ star Kim Hyesoo and encounter battle formation held the expectancy about the movie center activity in reverence. Kim Hyesoo and encounter battle formation confessed the impression keeping time together at the movie ‘the day of the national bankruptcy’ (the supervision Choegukhui · manufacture movie company home) production briefing session which is held in the Seoul Gangnam-ku Apgujong Ro CGV Apgujong a.m. 11 on 24th to be concrete and be frank. Kim Hyesoo spread the disintegration hot rolling to the reporting that it didn’t remain ‘the day of the national bankruptcy’ till the national bankruptcy no more than 1 week hour The Bank of Korea currency policy chief temporary string character. It has the financial department loan which opposes to rather bring the confusion (the encounter battle formation) and the tight opposition the temporary string that it has to inform the present situation before so that the people can prepare in the pole. Firstly, on the encounter battle formation was talked and ‘flame’ was mentioned. Kim Hyesoo had a lot of the scene bumped against in ” current work with the encounter battle formation and acting. The flame was seen from the encounter battle formation, it praised highly. After that, we saw already all one done well the character in which the encounter battle formation is various in many works. The Si string character which gets the good energy because the chance where there is the number costing the good actor and acting acted well to the actor was not easy and it made the encounter could exhibit the power and the acting ability of the encounter gin of was thought highly. There was and a lot of the moment revealing the ideal synergy which can be expected in ” encounter battle formation and field. It saw much it makes the encounter. It is really appreciated. In spite of playing a role of the character which doesn’t want to give the mind from the pole, it could not help being fascinated in the acting making the encounter and told. It is the paragraph of which the pole heart breathing of 2 people are expected. It was very shy of the encounter battle formation when the compliment of Kim Hyesoo was continued. When Kim Hyesoo expressed the like that thankful mind, then “I thank” made the encounter the head was drooped. When the speech turn came, then it hesitated only the time to raise the mouth the group, the encounter battle formation was the nap which it is very tense “it regarded as the expected question and the several arranged the answer and it forgot all” the steps. The sound of laughter feeling good spread to the field. The encounter battle formation is very full of deep emotion at ” Kim Hyesoo senior end. The energy suited Kim Hyesoo senior overflown and it was always excited in the field. It was happy every morning to go to the set. The healthy state of tension was maintained and that time of photographing about was reminisced. After that, Kim Hyesoo was called ‘the number of Gahye’. Even though the encounter battle formation was really difficult, the joy got through the mind middle “when acting together, it was the impression in which it plays the tennis quite joyfully”. It was the new mind which is unable to experience so far. It thanked ‘the number of Gahye’ Kim Hyesoo senior taking moreover, that mind with me and the thankful mind was delivered. The broadcaster Kyongrim Park “when the story of ‘ the number of the Gahye ‘ Nim and ‘ Bulkkot Cho ‘ Nim to were listened well” setting out as this day president summarized the talk and gave the smile to the field. It was like that arranged but for the talk of want 2 people, after was once again connected distance between two stages. It was left stiller that encounter battle formation wanted to talk on Kim Hyesoo. The encounter battle formation felt 3 Yeol from ” Kim Hyesoo senior in the situation where it talks on character change of the allotriosmia actor suddenly. It was the eagerness of the heat and passion and told. After that, asked the Kyongrim Park “it was thinking continuously so that it could tell”. The look in which it seems to be relieved of “it told now at last” the worry was made and the encounter gin made the scene of boisterous laughter. The infant phosphorus asked “it was thinking continuously” the fun to the encounter battle formation to this. “the words were listening” the cute rumbling of sea the encounter battle formation was put out. A week which the day ‘ of the national bankruptcy remains till the national bankruptcy and man that it prevents the crisis and man that it takes care of the man, the company and family betting to the crisis meets the spectator by the work painting the IMF crisis heart mutually different choice the talk of a person in 1997 from 28th common. The Hu jun moat which is the infant with Kim Hyesoo encounter played an active part in the movie as the star.
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