The LG Display turn into profit-making… 3rd quarter operating income 140.1 billion won


On 24th, all Bahyeot it succeeded in the turn into profit-making the LG Display recorded the profit of business of this year 3rd quarter Billion won as Korea acceptance international accounting standards (K-IFRS)As to the same period sale, the interim was tallied at 6.1024 trillion won which the previous quarter 5.6112 trillion won contrast 9% increases as the seasonal high-demand season entry. The LG Display people concerned explained “the LCD panel party, as to the enlargement of profit through the product differentiation including the rising and friendly influence of exchange rate, OLED TV and IT high end, and etc. drove up the result”. It owed to the global sales favorableness such as exceeding 1.7 million last year and, etc the sales nothing but 200,000 was succeeded in OLED TV quarter surplus achievement in the year 5 in 2013. As to the sale amount standard by products sales ratio, 20% and monitor panel, as to 41% and for mobile panel, as to the panel for TV, as to 21% and notebook and for tablet pc panel occupied 18%. As to 3rd quarter net profit of current period, 17.5 billion won and EBITDA recorded 1.0205 trillion won (the EBITDA profit rate 17%)s. As to the debt rate of the LG Display, 119% and liquidity rate and net debt-to-equity ratio is 91%, 33%. It is the explanation of the company side that debt rate and net debt-to-equity ratio rose according to the strategic enforcement of investment converting the business structure to OLED. The LG Display CFO (the chief financial officer · vice-president) gone round Kim look explained “as to this year 4th quarter area based shipment, the previous quarter contrast one order of magnitude early middle part % will increase by the sales increase expectation according to the seasonal the high-demand season entry” “it is difficult to expect the rising trend continuation whether it sells. However, it will be different according to the product and size”. After that, it added “this year and next year is the plan which tries with the profitability creation by accelerating the differentiation strategy of the LCD sector in doing the conversion of business to has been expand the portfolio of OLED section to the important time”.
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