The necessity is authorized whether it is ‘the liquor interview dispute’ Geesu Kim and Jemoon Yoon and accident.


(story) had the criticism (a) which ” (about the movie) is good much and it got to consider as the happy mind till the party seat. All banquets having after long interval saw, the condition disorder was greater than my idea. (it is the condition where the liquor which it drinks the day before breaks less) it was the mind (ellipsis) that it has to be in response to the interview and certainly it is sorry to the system other sense toward the movie. (Ellipsis) the action the professional Dap is unable to be displayed and it is shier. It is the law which the spilling water awards once and which it cannot put. Even if the instep is put far later and it repents, there is no use. It is due to non usualness characteristic of this attitude it imposes to the drinking interview dispute of the actor Geesu Kim be over the impact and show through by being unfortunate. The tipsiness is one’s fault no matter what but there is no room of the excuse in the action of below common sense. Geesu Kim had the formal apology through the agency immediately after being embroiled in controversy. However, the eye line in which it looks at him is still cold. The reaction of the drinking interview dispute immediately after netizen is indifferent and it is strict. Geesu Kim loses and isn’t ” (this time) movie like that controlled with ” (choi****)? The manager is what. (less****) “the man is not easily changed” (darr****) “it is the ridiculous sight. The life bell raises due to the liquor. ” (ssyh****) back blame poured. Geesu Kim has the discord register because of two liquors including the license-free drinking and drinking traffic accident in 2,010, and etc. in 2000. ◆ the several mass media reporters were standing by for Geesu Kim in 2 times discord register ‘the netizen reaction strictness’ past including the drinking traffic accident, a.m. 10 on 17th, Seoul Samchong-dong near one cafe in 2000 in 2010. It is the day which Geesu Kim decides to interview the movie ‘the perfect others’ (the supervision suffering Gyu) media round. Samchong-dong is the place where the movie stars are frequently used regularly as the favorite place for the movie or the drama publicity interview. It is the device for the expedience and the round interview which the actor and reporters go is the appointment. It is altogether uncomfortable at the moment when the rule is broken. The thing which is unable to anticipate this day agency or public relations company took place. It was not if Geesu Kim showed even after the interview opening hour was past distance between two stages. With getting dead-drunk at 10:40 while it became fretful such as the agency NamooActors explained “it doesn’t get in touch with the field manager”, etc it revealed shape to the front of group of reporters. Rather Geesu Kim hinted the unpleasant expression of one’s feeling to the determination that the interview progress is impossible anything but “the feeling is bad” the sorry look to the group of reporters. The circumstances which is inevitable in the place which the man lives can be formed anytime. There is no 1 in which It will not become the problem ramen consent that the consent goes from the common sense level. After all, the interview was cancelled due to the determination of the agency and public relations company with the abort. However, the problem is the attitude of Geesu Kim. He was not to He said in the condition (the tongue with the horse of the field group of reporters the twist state) that it doesn’t sober up “because the trade show was finished and it drank till the colleagues and dawn but can answer, it asks” but apologize. ◆ As to ‘the drinking interview disturbance’, ‘the drinking interview with media dispute’ Geesu Kim and actor reliability fall-, as to Geesu Kim is of all occasion not first time in the agency entertainment world like Jemoon Yoon. In the star round interview which the movie ‘the father the daughter’ (the supervision Gimhyeonghyeop) for publicity proceeds, at April last year, the actor Jemoon Yoon caused the dispute due to the looks sobered up less in response to the interview. When it talked at random in the question of the reporters, installing “rested one will be better”, then He reacted as “it is like that. Stop” at that time. After canceling ” (interview) all and shouting at the people concerned, the seat was floated. The mistake because of the liquor is most likely to be repeated. The attitude of Geesu Kim and Jemoon Yoon is very exactly alike. Jemoon Yoon was previously the strikeout status with three drunk drivings. Geesu Kim is holding two driving under the influence accident eletric power. It cannot help looking like the final evaluation about the response of the audience and expectancy and the interview with media of the star having the unsealing ahead cannot help being the so much important barrier. The effort of the staff who is the balls, as to the moment foam can go up in smoke for a long time. It is the part in which it is predicted in a certain degree if the drinking scandal of Geesu Kim bounces where. Even if the reliability fall makes your bed as the actor has been build for 26 years and the subtrahend heartburnings is hurt, the harm about the movie ‘the perfect others’ having the unsealing ahead immediately is the different matter. It was given a favorable reception after the press preview as Hoyeon of the fresh meterial and actors but the situation where it pours cold water changed into the drinking controversy of Geesu Kim. Geesu Kim and Jemoon Yoon is of all occasion the agency same actor. The coincidence decides on the strange.
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