The reason why it is really into the consonance and ‘it is ever good’? #Being dragged# the character # pride


The resonance revealed KBS ‘it is ever good’ appearance on the stage reason. The actor consonance revealed the reason why it selects the work through KBS new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘when it is ever good’ public relation agency on 24th. The resonance was strongly dragged from the title of the work and He told that ‘the Gangjun Lake’ role which He ins charge of was charming felt. The embargo on the exportation which is not hateful and combines to have nerve was stirred and the resonance undertook the agent ‘the Gangjun Lake’ role with the character which it is the freedom wild in ‘it is ever good’ recently. ” drama ‘ was ever good, He was strongly dragged from the title. The sympathy went to the realistic story and ‘the Gangjun Lake’ character that I will in charge of was charming and first of all, the reason why it gets to join in the work was said. After that, while the webtoon, that is ” original, was done not know that time was thin, He saw enjoyably. If the part the actualization coming to the elements funny of the story which become more abundant more since It became the meterial which many publics can sympathize with the dramatize the webtoon was expected, it will be good and the affection for the current work was conveyed. The impression which gets to start to featuring ‘it is ever good’ shooting added the resonance. It doesn’t pay attention to the attention of the other it is not shrunken. It spoke as the drama ” which it was shooting so happily personally, it would like to recommend to all that tried constantly for “it tells. And” day and goes on living eagerly and the self-conceit for the work was expressed. It is the drama which it is ever good, it draws the affliction Jang office standing electricity of ‘snob’ Chinsang Baek ‘ (geehwan Kang) chief and ‘accomplish’ (the Baek Chinhui) agent that it makes him the repentance. The popularity webtoon original of the same name is revived as the drama and the works which the work in gets wider are really shown really. Meantime, come on November 7th at Wednesday night 10 o’clock KBS new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘it is ever good’ which the resonance appears is broadcasted by ‘the today’s espionage’ subsequent.
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