The Tteonat Eo Hyun Bin and first intention is and refreshingly fresh.


Whenever ” work is done, it will not have to be different one ‘ something installs. I am the actor acting quite long. It got old (smile). Be the same work which is unable to find with the something to be different. That one not would like to do. The actor Hyun Bin Roll the work which is almost a hit with the acting career in 15. The role and genre that it is various from the drama to the movie were not refused and it appeared. In addition, it added till the graceful appearance and voice, sweet the charming romance hero role was frequently his share. That He is attempting the recently various changes. The reason the actor Hyun Bin can be frequently seen in the entertaining movie or action movie one working on the work inspiring the message or aftertaste mainly was him It is diligent. The common case Hyun Bin is the movie fan faced with this year in 2 works that actors meet the audience about one work in 1. The end is there not. It is him starting into the drama ‘the memory of the Alhambra’ shooting, that is 12 month telecast schedule which comes as soon as it finishes the movie shooting. Hyun Bin, who attempts the change to be diligent in 2018, the second opinion work and ‘rampancy’ get rid of the veil on the coming 25th. Find a kindred spirit in the Kim Sunghun director of the movie ‘coordination’ (2017) making Hyun Bin maintaining the hero image of the romance water into the action star once again so far and look forward from the premiere. The world in which ‘the Yae ear’ ‘the Yae ear’ in which the dead is not runs rampant and desperate struggle of the prince confusion coming back to Joseon (hyun Bin) and (chang Donggeon) given the absolute evil Geimsa that it swallows Joseon the movie the San person were drawn. It was the Jongno in Seoul on 22nd and Samchong-dong met the prince Hyun Bin arriving at Joseon of the crisis. Q. ‘rampancy’ The idea which is not easy while it was the work which the strong action of Hyun Bin occupies 8 hundreds and A saw the script at first time got. So, there was one prepared eagerly at the dictionary. In the previous work (‘ coordination ‘), because there was the skilled branch because there was the memory guessing correctly the Kim Sunghun director and sum total and rather, it seemed to shoot easily than the other work. Q. When seeing on surface area, it is the blue A whether it was confusion and any kind of character acting in ‘rampancy’ it was the same as the simple people without the worry about the country. So, the speech ton was controlled according to that place. However, the large-scale case is faced and Chung undergoes the internal change. At that time, the expression, setting up a situation, and etc. were changed minutely and they acted from the ask objection talking manner. It will don’t know well if it felt. However (smile). Q. If there is the work or books referred for ‘rampancy’, necessarily there is no A. The large-scale motive of the movie is the artificial time. However, the work ascertaining the flow of the realistic history is not. It approached the recreational movie. It thinks as much as intended one that recreational element was enough felt. Especially CG which we show or part is like that visual. Q. the monster (the Yae ear) among the pole the visual, most, the Insangjeogieot everyone A, ha-ha-ha. It is right. Because there is most a lot of the time when it sends along with the Yae ear, there is most a lot of the episode. The person whose the height is really big makes the Yae ear up and the studio is gone around. Really it is scary if it sees at night (smile). The special makeup used to be made and if it was sparsely the An subkingdom poem, it uses to be blink repeatedly surprised at the open set. When the restroom meeting the Yae ear (1 burst of laughter) when being most surprised. Q. it is Chang Donggeon and the first acting breathing. The casting behind wonders and A is said to me in fact that I would like to get ‘rampancy’ scenario in advance and the Kim Sunghun director wants to cast Chang Donggeon senior. Peel not one I having (chapter) Donggeon senior and acquaintance usually. It refused with one stroke of the sword. ‘as to the casting problem, the director can take care’ high By oneself was the surprise and because of being the familiar senior, it is more hesitant. One called the appearance offer is very ambiguous. It has an effect on many ones to the actor from the performance to Filmography and is afraid to appear in one work for fear that the damage goes due to me in vain. Q. the process is anyway ‘rampancy’ the Wanseonghaet everyone A Geureo crab along with Chang Donggeon. Ha-ha-ha. Because of shooting, it has a lot of the advantage than the disadvantage more to make the movie with the familiar senior. Because of being so well the child, in order to become intimately acquainted, it doesn’t need to try and the sum total fits well. It could shoot very comfortably. Q. one that absolutely one which it feels them act with Chang Donggeon the It many sides A experience and annual ring cannot follow? Ha-ha-ha. … it what is the senior was seeing the scene has been slip on the royal robe it waited as the monitor The other feel which it sees for the first time in having the brother know really well usually gets. It was the new experience. Q. it appeared mainly on the entertaining movie and action film recently. ‘new one has to be shown’ A and goal called ‘it has to make a challenge’ is always the same as my homework in future whether there is the special reason. One called the acting doesn’t have the correct answer. It is the character that it is completely changed as someone expresses. The publics were these days which challenges new ones because of know well than the Georaneun girl someone not to expect same Hyun Bin and being. Q. the greed that it would like to show to the Deullin everyone A be fresh with the word in which the change is not afraid and mind which is afraid of the change is the separate one (smile). It asks to go to the tacit. Search for the appearance played a role of the rookie days sometimes alone. It has the really shameful attitude. On the other hand, the impossible idea gets the possible and pure acting and fresh fascination now. Then, it gets to worry that I growing older can appeal to the public whether it what is or not. … the genre is changed the expression is differed This and that are attempted. The same work which is unable to find to be different would like to be not worked on. Q. ‘grow old’ is changed as the actor to one A be various. Internally, with the external One that the acting carrier had been doing constantly in one’s own way was accumulated to point out to be good By oneself would like to be supported because of the Ssat child come well. Q. the secret (?) which can not get tired for 15 years and which they can act wonders and A is interesting. It is the funny story. However, it is interesting when it is so distressing that this job is really strange. Even when being distressing, there is and there is the time when the answer will not come out. Even when being satisfied, there is and even when being not, there is. One that it is in the scene, and however is happy to feel always Q. in 2018, ‘negotiation’ and ‘rampancy’, in addition, it appears till the drama. A seemed to be lived life to the full to estimate this year. Really. With the originals Of course,… it is all not It is Ipjang it has to put the outcome on the testing stand yet and wait for the assessment of audiences (smile). This year, the last goal is that year 2,018 doesn’t catch a cold until it ends and it finishes well the shooting of TV show. Really it is trying to rest if the drama ends. If it comes out to the drama after the movie so frequently, the seeing people will be tedious. Ha-ha-ha.
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