The Tteuwaiseu naked kite · Momo · sysmaticness person teaser release.”The confident fascination “


Tteuwaiseu introduced the new musical composition individual teaser. The Tteuwaiseu agency JYP entertainment published the Tteuwaiseu new musical composition ‘YES Or YES (yeseu it comes)’ teaser person version in the formal SNS channel on 24th. The member whose the teaser photo is revealed is the naked kite, Momo, and sysmaticness this time. The photo content naked kite holds up the card in which ‘YES’ phrases is written and shows the quiet look and shedt the fantastic feel. While Momo suffers no sleeve T-shirt with the soft micro, the defect-free skin of is made a boast. The splendid styling is digested fascinatingly and the sysmaticness shows the eyes, that is dreams and phantasms. Because the environment which is brilliant and is dreams and phantasms is caused while 3 people stares altogether at the camera, the expectation of the fans is stimulated. Only the choice is showing the teasing contents of which the appeal which is loveable even when acting with confidence, that is one ‘YES’, is contained before the comeback which the Tteu Y is worm-eaten. ‘YES or YES’ organization teaser photo which the Tteu Y is worm-eaten was opened at last 23rd and the consecutive introduces the personal teaser from 24th. The song of the bewitching which the Tteuwaiseu mini 6 album ‘YES or YES’ cannot help answering to the confession which is cute it is loveable according to the agency as “YES” It is the characteristic that energy of 9 member peculiarity and active sound organization is in harmony and it causes the toxicity. Meantime, the mini 6 album ‘YES or YES’ entire song is opened coming at 6 p.m. on November 5th every kind sound source site including the title song ‘YES or YES’ of the Tteuwaiseu.
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