The world of singers of is taken control by ‘the boy → man’ golden child and concept (synthesis)


The group golden child (TAG, Seongmin Bae, solder reappearance, steam Ji tiger, Kim, Choochan Hong, and Choebo civilians which the Golden Child member this rank, Y, and head of a village award) stood once again in the front of fan as the third mini album. 10 members who tell confidently that it came back to ‘man’ which took off the image of the fresh boy and is mature Was the golden child the number to receive ‘golden age’ with the album this time? The golden child prepared the time which opened 3 number mini album ‘beginning’ (WISH) commemoration of sale showcase in the Seoul Gangnam-ku diary art hall p.m. 4 on 24th and conveys the introduction on the new album and comeback impression, and etc. It is the golden child sewing the first buttons on the world of singers with the mini album ‘the goal-difference’ (Gol-Cha) at August last year. The performance which doesn’t reply the man of god and love which is abundant by the musicality was gotten at that time. The musical pass which showed the diligent activity till the second opinion mini album ‘wonder’ and the first the single album ‘the gold varnish’ (Goldenness) after in last January and which it grows gradually was kept. The album this time ‘beginning’ is about 3 months after the single album ‘the gold varnish’ in last July. The performance where there is the fascination of the golden child unique and toxicity and genre feeling the melody was contained colorful. The dance pop which the title song ‘genie’ (Genie) is powerful in the sensitive inside in which the colorful energy of the golden child becomes more and more along with the refreshing sound The heart that It became ‘genie’ of you like the magic of the inside fo imagination and it wanted to get wish and ran only where anytime and protect was sung. The tune the retro style pop tune ‘you’ and harmonization of the tropical house and dance hall stand out in addition to beginning with the intro tune ‘beginning’ of the album title and same name ‘you can be seen’, ‘it tries to listen and gives’ of the acoustic pop genre in, ‘you will don’t know’ of the punk rock genre, and ‘the wood Yoo no Ma’ (WouldU Be My) back variety of the R&B pop genreThe tunes of one genre were collected. All Kkeureot the attention this day golden child expresses the unlike other people affection for the new album The members are putting “‘ beginning ‘ the desire and wish. If the second opinion mini album name was ‘wonder’, the meaning that the genie will come to 10 ours this time and it will realize your dream was put and explained. The member TAG thinks of ” album this time if the footstool moved toward the season 2 doesn’t come to the golden child. It will try so that It can become the adult more than the now and it can become mature. Can you go abroad? All the members is installing eagerly the study of foreign language. The appearance and dancing were not altogether perfect and it told strongly. The story of the members about ‘genie’, that is the title song, to could be listened. The member Choochan Hong would like to introduce to be the lamp. All ones are contained in the lamp. It thought that song and dance all ones got all, it told. The genie offering the head of a village regards as the camera shutter sound of the reporters. The speech was added because of like to listening continuously. It is the golden child appealing the image of the diffident boy in the first album. However, the change of one’s image was attempted with ‘man’ through the album this time. The part of which the photo of album, powerful dance, and appearance which becomes mature in the stage costume more and more are noticeable to the eyes The steam Ji tiger presented the appearance which was faint and which it seeks at “in the album recording song, it is felt with the crisis in the relation of lovers to be masculine” ” photo of album. The adult is if the next year comes and to the youngest Bomin. The timing seemed to be appropriate and it explained. On goal which it would like to get through the album this time activity was frankly talked. If the leader this rank watched interestingly whether the identity of the golden child who is the steps was expressed as any kind of color in the title song ‘ genie ‘ and it gave, it will be good. As in title song, if It could become ‘genie’, the aspiration which it was good, is of small but sturdy build was conveyed. As to Y, ” our group members don’t participate in the composition directly. Because of that, it had the pride that it can express all songs with the color of us, if It became the group like the drawing paper which “***” is white, it will be good, it told. On final target which it would like to accomplish with the Idol group was mentioned. This rank laughed “if, if when the first place of music chart of will be taken care, it will be the sought dance but Cosplay will be farcically done and the performance will be played” and told, saying that it was “it snores or the members the wish of the child are altogether active, healthily it takes care of the first place of music broadcasting and the wish” this. It was not Y to moreover forget of small but sturdy build ambition that it will add “the overseas expansion is good. However, first the solo concert would like to be held in the Kocheok dome” “japan arena tour would like to be held and then” and It will become the global idol. Meantime, the golden child is the plan which opens the new album ‘beginning’ through every kind sound source site today (24 days) at 6 p.m. and in which it comes out on the real activity.
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