There is ‘rookie’ Dami Kim and Taeri Kim pass. But. The debut, simultaneously, the Rookie of the Year award


It is suspicious in succession and Dami Kim debutting as the cinema ‘witch’ (the supervision Hunchung Park) is the Rookie of the Year award in the limelight as the Chung-mu road ‘morning star’. It is previously similar to the pass of the actor Taeri Kim sweeping the Rookie of the Year award as ‘young lady’. Dami Kim received the Award for Best Young Actress under the movie ‘witch’ in the 55 time DaeJong Film Festival film festival which is held in the Gwanghwamun in Seoul Sejong Cultural Center on 22nd. The shot Ji year 1 passed by him. It remembered much, “***” now this memories grazed still then and it passed and the lifetime was unable to be forgotten and the movie called ‘witch’ revealed the impression. Dami Kim got the woman best acting award, that is the shoes, in the award of best film to be the twenty seventh commitment opening at last fifth At that time, the He “this meaningful prize is awarded and it thanks you so” revealed the acceptance speech. After that, one in this seat is still unbelievable. In order to will present the better looks, it will try, it added. Besides, syubalnuwareu was most awarded Yeobaeusang in the twenty second time Fantasia international film festival. The high competitive rate of 1,500 to 1 was bored and Dami Kim was selected for the sole striker hero of ‘witch’. All Badat the interest with the acting ability which He is stable as much as there is the nickname that it is ‘”monster” rookie’ at that time and mask fresh The appearance where there is the percentage of completion was and shown in delicate many fields including the powerful action, song, feeling acting, and etc. and it was given a favorable reception. ‘witch’ was excellent in terms of box office. 3.18 million audiences were mobilized and the break-even point (2.3 million people) was lightly jumped over. Dami Kim thought simultaneously of the degree of box office hit and recognition with the first leading role ‘witch’. As much as that, the next product of Dami Kim attracts attention. Recently, all Badat the movie ‘astronomy’ (after making the Gaze/supervision unguarded moment) proposal of him the Choi Minsik Han Suk-kyu starring The agency management AND declined “‘ astronomy ‘. While see the works which the condition “***” that decision doesn’t appear whether as to next product, as to ‘the witch 2’ came or It became any kind of work is various, it told.
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