‘comeback’ k wheel and coming soon image opening to the public.’The standards eastern automatic computer sensibility ‘


The singer k wheel comes back with the blitz in just 6 months. The k wheel agency starship entertainment published the coming soon image of the k wheel in the formal SNS channel in the afternoon on 24th. On November 6th regularity 4 the album the PART.2 [the imagination which the k wheel comes according to this; The Mood Indigo (the mud Indigo)]Return to the world of singers. Even when seeking along with the sensitive background of the beige and purple color with the black costume, the photo center k wheel shows the ora the charisma overflowing. Especially, the k wheel is the nap the lyrical mood dirty in the sensitive inside as the Ppum Eo inside the ballad singer. Moreover, “K.WILL THE 4TH ALBUM PART2 [imagination; The Mood Indigo] 20.181106 million PM 6 COMING SOON” the sentence tells the comeback work of the k wheel. The regularity 4 album PART.2 [imagination of the k wheel; When being the computer count of 6 months of the k wheel, then the Mood Indigo] is the album completed the regularity 5 album PART.2. Meantime, the k wheel is performing the show on tour which plays enthusiastically in the musical ‘notre-Dame de Paris’ meeting the Korean edition opening in the 10th anniversary and puts together the various cities including Seoul.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736276.htm, 2018/10/25 16:25:48]