Sunghui Choi and ‘the second time sky blue color project’ participation “the progeny cheer”


The message of the cheer for the teenagers whom the actor Sunghui Choi dreams was conveyed. The picture which the message called the Instagram “cheer the dreamed progeny” is contained was published at last eleventh and Sunghui Choi provided support to ‘the second time sky blue color project’. The sky blue color project ‘ is the charity event which gathers the meaning and which it prepares in order to the principal axis come to the culture enter experts and help the progeny and teenager. The child and youths where there is the dream don’t frustrated by the environment and Sunghui Choi is acting for the home keeper publicity ambassador it makes a challenge the hope and who helps in order to open up the life of by oneself. He who is the interest joined in this project as the happy mind to the low-income family children. ‘the second time sky blue color project’ progresses in the Seou Seongdong-gu Sungsu-dong ‘the hemp manufacture (POZE)’ on 27th and the total amount of gains is used as the scholarship assistance of the teenager, punishing with the environment which home and abroad are difficult and etc. In this event, the actor Yoori Sung is stingy and the back adds the cheer. The singer Leesak Hong, tenor excitement season and Gangmyeongbo, and classic music team edelweiss (the nakedness row Nahwi Suhyun Lee Chinchoo Chung) holds the warm concert with the musics which match the autumn sensibility, are beautiful and are colorful. The flamenco performance which the Ihye definition is attractive is continued. This small balance for weighing precious metals, Ji chan, Chooyeong Yoon, Imhye battle formation, and etc. leaves Yoonchoo with the varistor and on 1st. The actors make the hand-drip coffee directly and the time of the intimate meeting with these attending the event is taken. Meantime, to the green ball campaign and abandoned dog help Sunghui Choi the colorful precedence including the backsight campaign of W foundation, and etc. is spread.
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