The bulletproof Boy Scouts ‘only the day’ and 100 million the view breakthrough.’Already, the 15th ‘


The bulletproof Boy Scouts ‘only the day’ music video broke through 100 million views. The bulletproof Boy Scouts agency big hit entertainment conveyed with formal report data on 25th that bulletproof Boy Scouts ‘only the day’ music video was over 100 million cases. This is 110.98 million cases according to the agency if it adds up in the music video single hit registered in the wonder k (1theK) YouTube account with the hit of the agency big hit entertainment formal YouTube account on April, 2014. 100 million views through were broken in 4 years after opening the day ‘the second opinion mini album of the bulletproof Boy Scouts released in 2014’ to the recording song of the Skool Luv Affair (the school love Ppeeo Eo) ‘ in 2014. The bulletproof Boy Scouts becomes the world popularity popular recently and it is luminated again till the music videoes in the past and, as a result, this can see. ‘the Not Today (the sickle today)’ ‘the Save ME (the save U.S)’ ‘the look man’ ‘ spring which therefore the bulletproof Boy Scouts breaks through ‘DNA (DNA)’ breaking through 500 million views, ‘when it blazes up’ breaking through 400 million views, and breaks through 300 million views ‘it is soaked’ ‘the blood sweat tear’ ‘MIC Drop (the microphone drop)’ remix ‘FAKE LOVE (the fake rub)’ 200 million view (FIRE) which100 million view achievement music video of the total of 15 volumes got to be held after ‘Danger(Dan base)’ ‘I NEEDU(child need Yoo)’ ‘ hormone war breaks through the day ‘ ‘IDOL(idol)’ and 100 million views ‘ ‘Danger(till ‘ day. Meantime, the bulletproof Boy Scouts, on November 13th on 14th, the bulletproof Boy Scouts, on November 13th on 14th, the Kyocera dome osaka including Japan Tokyo Dome, Nagoya dome, and Fukuoka Yahuokku Start ‘LOVE YOURSELF (the rub young fish self)’ Japan dome tour in the dome.
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