‘the debut decision with the sol’ black pink system or the provocative the poster opening to the public


The solo debut things of the black pink genie was decided as November 12th. The black pink system or the agency YG entertainment posted the system or the solo poster on the formal blog a.m. 10 on 25th. The solo debut thing of genie the sentence called the poster situations ‘JENNIE SOLO November 12, 2018’s informs through November 12th to be settled. Genie evokes the provocative feel of the red contrasted with the freckles in the young face like the puberty girl costume and lipstick color. The agency told as “genie is planning to exhibit without adjustment the ability wiped the Gal the late out for the practice life of for 6 years through this solo activity”. Previously, Yang Hyun-Suk representative is first planning to open the solo of genie through its own SNS and next, is planning to keep with the solo debut of Rorze. Working was notified in advance of the black pink afterward so that 4 members were possessing the excel ability as the unity force of the hard team, that is the large-scale advantage of the black pink, as the solo, it could open, saying that it was this. Meantime, the first the first soloes of genie who gets first to start the solo activity among the black pink member is opened in the domestic first concert of the black pink taking place in the come Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736225.htm, 2018/10/25 10:42:37]