The end which the former husband ‘the haughty mind’ Kim Mi-na leaves after Kang dragon seat court restriction


While Kang dragon seat lawyer is arrested with the courtroom, the ex-husband item Mao Ssi of ‘the haughty mind’ Kim Mi-na confesses the state of mind through one medium and it attracts attention and there is. It was sentenced to the imprisonment year 1 and the Kang lawyer, as to the courtroom was arrested in the first trial opening at last 24th. In this day court, the ex-husband 1 trillion Ssi of Kim Mi-na attended the trial and the river lawyer was sentenced to the imprisonment. Then the ex-husband 1 trillion Ssi of Kim Mi-na displayed figure which has mixed feelings while he let out, it was moist and attracted attention. As to the same day 1 trillion Ssi, it was being well known in ‘SBS funE’ and interview for “it returns to the common life and I would like to work eagerly” ” public being the inconvenient news. Surely the word that it was sorry on wanted to be decided and the state of mind was revealed. In the meantime, it was charged with the same charge prior to the river lawyer and the imprisonment was sentenced to the probation year 2 in the first trial on December, 2016 in 1. At that time, the Kim Ssi “the steel lawyer who is the legal expert persuaded of the crime” implemented the insistence.
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