… the essential oil U.S. investigation of victim is finishedIt roots in not giving a favorable arrangement.


The actor essential oil U.S. suffering the trouble because of the bad rumor accused the rumor first diffuser and the statement of victim was finished. Why the essential oil U.S. agency management forest people concerned revealed in the call “when the essential oil U.S. attended the midnight Gangnam Seoul police station on 22nd and the investigation of victim about the bad rumor against was hit” on 24th. After that, the corroborative facts which it collected when proceeding with ” complaint were submitted like the investigation by police time. The victim investigation of statements was needed and it answered the investigation and explained. It told to be and “the policy which is positively planning to cooperate in the investigation in the future, and which it has been dealing squarely to the rumor first diffuser”. “the great strength is punished” (mang****) “it did well” (aigu****) ” doesn’t give a favorable arrangement and the netizen is properly punished. ” (k091****) “it doesn’t shake and absolutely certainly processes with the college of law” (ranc****) ” strong confrontation is made, and it recovers consciousness to the mind suffered but recover quickly and do the good activity. If it left just, it saw insignificantly and did more, ” (were****) spread so like the fact and it knew to be the real. The essential oil beauty was cheered with ” (miff****) back comment whether it was one why making that rumor. Previously, so called, the rumor that it is being the Nayong seat PD finishing the relation and relationship in which the essential oil U.S. is private with ‘in the milt’ (private magazine) through the TvN variety program ‘sikdang Yoon’ was contained and it was going around. With respect to this, the Nayong seat PD denies and the strong confrontation is suggested.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736189.htm, 2018/10/25 00:00:02]