The eyes circle it takes off the veil (IZ*ONE) and 12 Saek rainbow fascination which


The album preview image peeping into the splendid musical color of the girl group eyes circle (the IZ*ONE member winning the first place in the state examination the soul, Miyawaki sakura, Yoori Cho, most example or Ahn Yoochin, Yae sub key Naco, Eunbee Kwon, Honda Motor Co. Hitto U.S., Chaewon Kim, Minchoo Kim, and conspicuous color kite) got rid of the veil. The eyes circle introduced the debut album ‘the color rise’ (COLOR*IZ) highlight medley image through the midnight formal SNS channel on 25th. These attentions in which the colorful picture effect captivating the total 7 track sound source highlights and attention included in ‘the color rise’ (COLOR*IZ) is included in this video consisting of the amount of about 2 minutes and which it sees is concentrated. ‘O’ My which is full of the cheerful energy beginning with the tone color beautiful of the members and 1 number track ‘the beautiful color’ of which the cute rap stands outFour new musical composition somes of which the various color oves the eyes circle is impressive can be met till the title song ‘la Vie En Rose’ of which the powerful refrain is charming (La Vie en Rose) and ‘the secret time’ in which the grand arrangement like Donghwa and sensibility is in harmony in advance. The Mnet ‘the produce 48’ contest tune ‘it asks well in the future’ here is refreshingly arranged by the voice of the eyes circle 12 member (IZ*ONE ver.) and ‘aren’t you in a state of lull?’ which (好きになっちゃうだろう?)(IZ*ONE ver) the expectation of the fans who are revealed to the, ‘while it has a dream’ (IZ*ONE ver.) sound source highlight and wait for the album is more and more raised. The eyes circle finishing the opening to the public until the first album ‘the color rise’ (COLOR*IZ) highlight medley which is full of the colorful color of the members is planning to spur the last preparation to the debut day which how much doesn’t remain. In the meantime, the first mini album ‘the color rise’ (COLOR*IZ) is released through every kind on-line sound source site on the coming 29th at 6 p.m. And the debut Syo cone takes place in the Seoul Olympic Park Olympic hall, that is the album release immediately after.
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