The homecoming…” it pushes it findsThe whole boyfriend and court debate, continuously.


The news that the singer Koo Hara proceed with the lawsuit with the ex-boyfriend came home from U.S.A was known. It was the position that it will keep the court debate with most Ssi that it finds, the agency contents Y of 25 days Koo Hara was revealed “koo Hara went to U.S.A due to the personal schedule and it returned to home country on 24th”. After that, it added to be “one that I the lawsuit which is proceeded with boyfriend most Ssi keeps the correspondence through the attorney”. The Koo Hara and most Ssi had been earning the both parties violence yes or no 2 high court debate previously last month from 13th. Then, koo Hara asserted ‘the movie threat’ and most Ssi to was forced on the 27th of last month, and the addition was accused of the charge including the threat, sexual harassment punishment law, and etc. and it had the new conditions. The final tiger of the one’s home, car, and etc. was searched at last second and the police confiscated USB and cellular phone, and etc. in this. And the warrant of arrest for was applied to the prosecution on 19th. After prosecution claimed the warrant of arrest to Seoul Central Court on 22nd. However, Seoul Central District Court dismissed the warrant of arrest after conducting the warrant essence examination.
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