The Kyongsu Do · Geehyun Nam ‘Langgun of on 100th’ and audience rating reverse transcription factor?


The actor Kyongsu Do winter solstice string starring cable channel TvN TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays (the script bare ground rumor · direction dissimilar material) formed the result of the inversion and it was reborn as the persimmon pole champion. ‘Langgun of on 100th’ which is on the air and 1 time records 5.0 % (under Nielsen Korea · whole country · charge platform furniture standard) recorded 12.7% audience rating on the 10th of last month on 23rd. It is the successive generations TvN watching of drama Ryul 5 Wi. Originally, ‘Langgun of on 100th’ is the fact to was unable to get the large-scale expectancy from the drama fans. However, the rating rise Se was constantly shown. The highest audience rating was shown among all programs broadcasted in the whole channel including the time zone same ground wave, pay platform, and etc. The interrogation called the broadcasting all ‘really it goes well’ poured into the meeting of the veteran actor Geehyun Nam starting from the group exo member is very famous to act well Dio, one’s real name Kyongsu Do, and child actor. One deprived of the eyes by SBS takes the time zone same electric wave ‘by female prisoner bride’, KBS2 ‘the best divorce’, star now Korean translation of Chinese character of JTBC ‘the beauty inside’, Dona Bae-Taehyun Cha, and seohyeon battle formation back was the fact. However, the result was the inversion. Kyongsu Do and Geehyun Nam is improving the degree of concentration of the drama based on the acting endurance which has been being built so far. And it is showing nicely till the romance which it considers the Alkongdal bean. Because of being the provincial police SUI coming into the spotlight as the great acting ability but being the first quadrupole drama, there was the eye line of the concern. It changed into ‘the man who is useless for any one of a pair’ Crown Prince interest rate character and Kyongsu Do captivated the audience with the colorful appeal till the nap evoking laughter from the serious appeal. As to Geehyun Nam, who starts from the child actor and whom unawares the debut is early to the tea in 15 the disintegration is taking an active part as the Joseon the oldest Wonnyeo red lead. There was the look which would be the steps but this smoke which is similar to the previous work ‘the shopping king Louis’ was lightly dispelled. Geehyun Nam is giving the smile and tear to TV as the acting ability the veteran Dap quite freely. ‘Langgun of on 100th’ is claiming to stand for the fusion historical drama. The historical backdrop is the Joseon Dynasty. However, the historical backdrop is fresh it uses and is giving the Joseon board newly coined word, and etc. mixing the abbreviation and modern newly coined word in the speech appropriately the fun to the speech simultaneously. The activity of Choohyun Song men do the indispensable role in the drama severely stimulates the suppressed laughter of the viewer. The large contributing the story which seemed to be obvious but interesting was done to gather the audience. The setting up called the romance of the Crown Prince and Joseon Dynasty Wonnyeo (one many old maids) is the meterial very used to TV. Moreover, moreover the concept that it is the amnesia can be fed up. However, the common village that it is Choohyun Song in was spacious set and the different charisma was attempted. The story which is various from the romance to the Royal Court secret strife was compactly drawn and the mind of the viewer was captivated. The Langgun Nim ‘ of on 100th is having nearly 2 times ahead till the end. The interest is concentrated if really ‘Langgun of on 100th’ risen to the persimmon pole throne leaves any kind of eventuality and grade.
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