The lean ” regular album? It not would like to make after 10 familly.


It revealed that there were no 11 album plans for a while the singer lean (the LYn· one’s real name 2se battle formation) entered the comeback countdown as 10 number regular album ‘#10’. Lean presided over the regular album ‘#10’ music hall which is held in the Seoul Gangnam-ku diary art hall on 25th. All Kkeureot the attention this day lean reveals without reservation the experienced Shimjeok change the 10th album is workedThe lean “the album this time task was very difficult as much as the regular album didn’t want to be put on sale after 10 familly” expressed “because of adding to the load till the uneasy mind, the times when I have been living so far become ashamed”. After that, it added as “the wonderful time and effort is included. However, the regular album seems to be not suitable for the time” “the problem that one paying the regular album at the quickly consumed music market experiences the anguish”. Meantime, as to lean, today, (25 days) reveals the regular album ‘#10’ through every kind sound source site after the year 2,015 at 6 p.m. in 3 years.
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