‘the netizen fury’ the Koo Hara ‘the whole boyfriend’ final tiger and constraint are escaped


The netizens added the voice of the fury to the judgment of the court while the ex-boyfriend of the singer and actor Koo Hara and last tiger (27) escaped the confinement. Like this, Seoul Central Court revealed and Seoul Central Court Eonhak Lee charge of warrant head judge taking care of the constraint all questioning of accused (warrant essence examination) of most Ssi told the proprietary to arrest the suspect or reason that it be difficult to admit the necessity at last 24th. Judge I explained “when the wound which is severe in the face, and etc. is gotten as much as the suspect causes the impediment to the daily life by the victim (koo Hara), then the photo, and etc. on say be informed enraged” “that doesn’t show the context which could be taken out to the third party with the premier position and content including the photo, that the suspect informs and etc”. After that, it did “even if when it lights on the fact of the partial blood, the calling coming to that and etc., it is difficult to admit the reason of restriction or need”. Previously, all Badat the investigation by police with the Koo Hara and most Ssi the both parties violence suspicion The complaint was submitted saying that it threatened because most Ssi will spread the sexual intercourse movie on the 27th of last month after the investigation that it finds will end. The police applied for the warrant of arrest on the suspicion including Shanghai and threat, enforcement, and etc. in this against most Ssi at last 19th. It is this case which it went to ‘most Ssi is intensively punished’ the national petition. However, the netizens are raising the netizens voice when the cotton-tipped stick judgment of the court is decided. Clic**** left the comment called ‘the Constitution of the Republic of Korea is the same as X in this way’ and added the opinion that it is disappointing at the Jilov****, moreover, ‘it could be like that’ this judgment. This had the victim Koo Hara a lot of the comment pitifully. If the money is abundant like ‘ Koo Hara and eveq**** with capability, then aren’t you particularly good? As to this country, there was no answer, it added the criticism. This judgment which is unable to get the public consensus Eye and ear of the men are leaning if the legal battle between Koo Hara and the final tiger faces the end by any kind of type.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736218.htm, 2018/10/25 10:11:21]