The pristine demonstration secession? … the agency “groundless”


The agency denied this strongly while the secession rumor of the girl group pristine (PRISTIN Nayong, roa, flowing-down, eunwoo, lena, and Gyeol Jjeum are saluted. But it is Sung kite, demonstration, and car) member demonstration became a subject of discussion. Why the agency Ppeul LADDIS revealed “it is the groundless that it brings the secession of the demonstration or exclusive contract” “it will don’t know where the source will be. However, that rumor appears and it is absurd” the position in the call on 25th. It reported to spread this day news previously that member demonstration of the pristine canceled the exclusive contract with the Ppeul LADDIS and the team from was withdrawn. And the pristine told the concrete situation that it was dissolved and actually it did to be the fans surprised. Meantime, as to pristine, the Imna the appears in the Mnet ‘the produce 101’ season 1 and realizes the dream of the debut soul and main grain prodigy which belongs.
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