‘the Terius in my behind’ and ground wave sexual the low tone center audience rating 10% breakthrough


The actor Geeseop So Enson Chung starring ‘the Terius in my behind’ entered ten %daes of audience rating in the first broadcasting 5 weeks, 25 days TV rating research firm Nielsen Korea revealed that MBC TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the Terius in my behind’ broadcasted the day before at 10 p.m. recorded 1 part 8.2 % (under national standard), 2 part 10.0% audience rating. It is the self highest ratings. 10.0% audience rating recorded the day before is the highestest among than the last time audience rating 9.5% as figure risen 0.5%P up among the drama which the same hour is broadcasted. As to the time zone SBS same ‘the doctors stealing the thoracic surgery heart’, did you record 1 part 5.7%, 2 part 7.0%, 1 part 2 parts the KBS2 ‘the today’s espionage’ recorded 2.1% altogether? The Terius ‘ audience rating 10%dae entry can be observed carefully on my back from the point it gets among the audience rating low tone atmosphere of the terrestrial TV series called result. As to drama, showing the double-digit audience rating among not only tree pole but also the ground wave whole TV series ‘the Terius in my behind’ is unique. The Terius ‘ takes number of every week and thursday afternoon 10 o’clock electric wave in my back with the drama drawing the suspicious secret collaboration of the opposite house woman Goaerin (enson Chung) rushing into the intelligence war like the black personnel steam copy (the Geeseop So) of the legend in which it disappears and fate.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736216.htm, 2018/10/25 10:11:12]