Wanna circle, today, (25 days) title song music video shoot…’The comeback preparation completion ‘


The group wanna circle spurs the inrush and comeback preparation to the title song music video shoot. OSEN quotes the end of the multiple people concerned on 25th and wanna circle starts to featuring the title song shooting music video of this day last album. This reported to be the plan ” to host the photographing between two days with the new musical composition music video, that is the announcement plan, on the 19th of next month. Wanna circle is the message that it is making an effort for this last action upon the comeback preparation more according to the news. The preparation of all things was finished such as presenting the idea directly in order to fit to the album concept and show its own fascination to the utmost, etc. Previously, wanna circle swept the first place of music chart with all tunes brought out from the debut album ‘1X1=1’ (TO BE ONE) till the prequel repackage ‘1-1=0’ (NOTHING WITHOUT YOU) second opinion the mini album ‘0 1=1’ (I PROMISE YOU). It was suspicious and every kind of end-of-year awards as well as ten medal holders of music broadcasting displayed and the sense of existence. Especially the new fascination and growth potential was shown through the unit of 4 teams through the special album ‘1÷ χ =1’ (UNDIVIDED). The outcome is getting attention if wanna circle can sweep the music chart higher rank with the album this time. Meantime, the new album is put on sale on the 19th of next month and wanna circle comes back.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736219.htm, 2018/10/25 10:18:07]