Was the return so fast among the Kim Hyun? ‘in the mum in city’ initial chamber audience rating 0.1%


‘the then which the time stops’ that becomes a hot issue with the first show after comeback among the group SS501 native actor Kim Hyun got rid of the veil. However, it has the shape that it records the audience rating ‘0.1%’ and is being unable to avoid the hard fighting. In 25 days TV rating research firm ‘nielsen Korea’ p.m. 11 on 24th the broadcasted Mun Jun mistake it recorded the charge flat form (the) whole household standard 0.1% audience rating, the day one time of cable channel KBS W TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the then which the time stops’ is broadcasted with 24 (the minute among the Kim Hyun) in the first ‘the then which the time stops’ which 1 time the year 150 the return was so fast The appearance visited the summer plowing landscape painting opening to the public announcing president in the mileage coming back to the homeland was drawn. The time stopped at the moment when the landscape painting was trying to be revealed. At that time, the Mun Jun mistake opened and it came. He who wore the comfortably white gloves and goes to the sigle phase in the future saw the landscape painting and it laughed and He spoke as “it welcomes after long interval to come back home”. The Mun Jun mistake stealing the landscape painting like that passed stopped between man and it got out with the out of building leisurely. When He getting out of the field flicked the finger, then the hour began to flow again and the curiosity of the audiences was stimulated. The Mun Jun mistake had the remarkable ability stopping the time. However, it was the person having the wound which the heart is deep with the unfortunate household affairs. The Sona Kim (ophthalmic rami string) was the landlord who is close to ‘***’ in which ‘first of the ten celestial stems’ is not. One in which the father left and the gone building was all the debt Because of repaying the interest, Sona Kim was spending hard each day during. It was earning a livelihood as the Arbeit including chicken restaurant serving, and etc. from the milk round day by day. The unhappiness came to that He. All Naet the dizzy accident which the rainy road bike delivers Sona Kim and falls One car rushed to Sona Kim after a while. At this time, the Mun Jun mistake appeared and the hour was stopped. When stopping Sona Kim operated with the time, then the Mun Jun mistake was poor to forbid to be surprised. Sona Kim paid to the Mun Jun mistake as “how this is one”. The surprised lagophthalmos came to the Mun Jun mistake. One which this someone could not operate if I stopped the hour so far but Sona Kim was different All Kkaemureot it is one doing any kind of work how on earth, how, Sona Kim stopped the time in the preview which after is revealed to the Mun Jun mistake The curiosity was raised if 2 people kept any kind of relation with this case. The relation between the Mun Jun mistake having the ability stopping the time like that and the landlord Sona Kim whom this ability doesn’t go through started and ㅇ gave notice of the prologue of the fantasy romance. The first broadcastings were on the air. However, the reaction of the viewers is cold. Previously, the Kim Hyun middle had a hard time of the dispute on the whole girlfriend Mr.A since back in 2014. Here, it was caught for the drunk driving and the scolding of the public opinion was and gotten once. One in which that Kim Hyun middle informs the return through ‘the then which the time stops’ to TV in 4 yearsThe relevant dispute be that return the matter to the broadcasting while the knot didn’t form authentically. The prosecution submits the attempted fraud about the whole girlfriend Mr.A among the Kim Hyun and written final appeal about the charge including defamation, and etc due to publication at last 23rd. The outcome gets attention if the Kim Hyun middle which it is unable to mark the period to the dispute which it surrounds me, it returns to the broadcasting can change the mind of the viewers.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736239.htm, 2018/10/25 16:19:53]