When ‘the mask king of singer’ fallacy got until the musical actor Youngjoo Jung… best actress award.


Youngjoo Jung who is 1971 the former the interest of the public about the Ji which He acts the trouble is becoming larger the congestion of ‘the mask king of singer’ fallacy is revealed to be the musical actor Youngjoo Jung Seoul art college Geukjak and native, in 2005, the eleventh time grand prize for Korean musical best supporting actress award, in 2010, the sixteenth time grand prize for Korean musical best supporting actress award, in 2011, the fifth The Musical awards The supporting actress prize was received. And it is the veteran actor which the bonelet which it rises to the Musical awards Eo mistake award for the supporting actor candidate in 2014 is thick. The various actings were shown through the musical ‘chicago’, ‘the medical lunatic’, ‘hair spray’, ‘billy Rieotteu El’, ‘ghost’, and play ‘the vagina monologue’ back and the strong Filmography was piled up. Additionally, it appears in the drama ‘signal’, ‘the self-irradiation office’, ‘the Bu’am-Dong Avenger’, and ‘Jeogeulleoseu’ etc. and is the nap as the since tiller the steps. The advance till 3 rounds and all Badat the public great interest Youngjoo Jung appearing on MBC variety program ‘the mask king of singer’ which in the meantime is broadcasted at last 21st afternoon shows the powerful singing ability He was happy in the production crew and interview. It can be said to go out like the joke from the around so far. So, it was the idea that it played quickly joyfully and goes and the impression was revealed.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736214.htm, 2018/10/25 10:14:54]