CJ CGV and ‘2,018 scenario competition’ finish…3 month long march


CJ CGV global social contribution program ‘2,018 scenario competition’ finished 3 month long marches. ‘2,018 scenario competition’ opened the completed scenario in the Vietnam Hojjimin CGV Binkom center landmark 81 through the competition to the local film studio and person relateds in the industry, the work of 10 volumes learned the opportunity for presentation among the scenario passing the competitive rate of 200 to 1 on 24th. The system of the field biggest manufacturer window Ppung (Chanh Phuong) attending as the examiner or the Zhang Re (Jenni Trang Le) producer told “in this year judgment work, there were a lot of the works of the original idea and genre different” “it is sure in meeting much the works of which the makers attending the seat are good”. The final higher rank 5 work was selected and the awards ceremony progressed in the ending ceremony proceeding on 25th. CGV Hoang high FD, Ttueong producer of CJ ENM, Tta sag producer of the Live On, system of the window Ppung or the Zhang Re producer, and Kkaoh the representative of the Ttung of the Yeah1 CMG attended as the examiner. In the most excellent work, as to cooking skill, ‘(Gia vi nhan gian) in magnetism which the magnetism child rain builds’ drawing the case decided on the strange which surrounded the terrible chef and gets wider the Eodeot Ji established actually ‘to the good husband make’ school in the second and ‘maybe, the bell Eungoh inside (Hoc vien chong ngoan) in the rain’ realizing the love of settled down the marital relationship was chosen the popularity as the excel appearance. ‘ Kko drawing the talk of the ghost which does ‘the Kkuang (15 phut hao quang) 15 is put’ putting the struggle by oneself of one girl who in addition It becomes SNS star, ‘the khoi (Toi dentu bien khoi) in the Tto I De Tteu ratio’ which the next child causes the works which the failing businessman gets wider the time slips to France colonial days, and family reunion of the men dying for the rebirth it helps The name was put as 3, 4, 5 Deung prize-winning works whether it was worn out. CJ CGV Vietnam business generalization Junbeom Shim head of corporation told “the footstool which can discover the rising writers where there is the ability and in which these can go actually with the movies is prepared and it is happy” “it will live together with the local movie industry in the front and the activities contributing to the growth will be continuously developed”. CJ CGV delivers the jackpot of about 3 million won to 1 prize winner who is chosen as the most excellent work. It provides the opportunity which it will work between Vietnam incumbent coach and 6 months. Grant the jackpot of about 500,000 won to 1 million won and the fourth and 5 Deung prize winners with 2 Deung prize winners with 2 million won, 3 Deung prize winners. It invites to Korea and the Korean movie production spot experiences the prize winner of 3 higher ranks. In order to take Korean movie men and interchanged time, the prize winner is planning to support. Besides, provide the chance attending the special admission ticket watching the movie at CGV of Vietnam I for 1 year for free and prior movie preview and CGV movie related event. This competition progressed through 3 months beginning with the conspiracy to the participant selection, workshop, scenario completion, and ending ceremony in last July.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736365.htm, 2018/10/26 15:29:10]