It becomes by ‘the big tree of the Korean literature’. The Kim Yoonsik passes away.


It passed away in the afternoon on 25th chronic disease which the big tree of the Korean literature and Kim Yoonsik culture critic is over. 82 years olds of one’s age at deathWhen being the Korean literature research compensation that it studies the lifetime Korean literature history and contributes to the development of Bachelor of Arts, then the dead is the first generation literature critic. 272 cases only the books which He publishes the one’s lifetime It is various with the kind, moreover, kind, moreover, the scientific book, review, essay book, translation, and etc. The monthly review (monthly review the one’s lifetime Kim Yoonsik guesses all novels published at the literary magazine: Seoul National University college of education Department of Korean Language and Literature from was graduated and the Kim Yoonsik which it was subjected to the respect of the juniors who are the literature it uses the criticism) which it does every month and in one body, is born in the year 1936 Gyeongnam Haegun Kim held the teacher’s pointer at Seoul National University department of Korean language and literature between 30 rests of life. The numerous writer including the scholar on Korean literature, literature critic, writer, who is worthy of representative for this period and etc. was produced. He didn’t neglect the text even when training the younger student. The writing filled out constantly was gathered and the book was opened. ‘the Kim Yoonsik introduction home’ gathering the books of used so far the introduction is representative. The result for was gained recognition and It became the Republic of Korea Art Academy member in 2001 and the president was served as with Art Academy literature. The Republic of Korea Hwangjo Geunjeong Medal (2,001) and Cultural Silver Medal (2,016) were suspicious.
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