‘it is ever good’ friendly relations with one’s neighbors gin X Ibyeongjun X Kim Min ash and 3 Saek steel of 3 people


Kim Min ash which the actor friendly relations with one’s neighbors gin and private award came back as the business person, 26 days KBS 2TV new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘it is ever good’ production crew revealed the steel of the drama having the first broadcastings ahead. ‘it is ever good’ have the first broadcastings ahead is the drama which is the snob Chinsang Baek (geehwan Kang) head and second base that it makes him the repentance and which it draws the man fight of the agent on November 7th at Wednesday night 10 o’clock (the Baek Chinhui). Be selected in the second half of the year expected piece that there is the genealogy of KBS office water for the work reviving the popularity webtoon original of the same name as the drama. The friendly relations with one’s neighbors battle formation changes into company president strength heartburnings among the pole Geehwan Kang and Baek Chinhui works. The revealed steel heart friendly relations with one’s neighbors battle formation dreams of the corporate successor and is belching the look of the ambition out. Because the exquisite self confidence of the character peculiarity is shown, it is cunning the micro especially getting stuck in the lip is foretelling the high-level which it propels so that He can deposit the company in the hands in the future activity. To the behavior of the president be quiet and observed it reports to the president but the Ibyeongjun of Cheolsu Na executive director station stood by his side changes from the front of president who is the senior into the character of the special express inversion trying to read one’s mind unwittingly. The curiosity is stimulated on the aspects of Ibyeongjun that it makes the tie the Ppul Eo against as if it explodes by what if any kind of episode hides in his life at work. If it is at the front of senior officer, Kim Min ash which is sententiously resentful with Yoodeok Park who is Geehwan Kang and marketing team position like Baek Chinhui infuses the cheerful energy with the unlike other people lipid box has been explode. The interest is concentrated in the struggle by oneself in which He who is the head of a family of one home dies out and which it opens in the executive director and marketing team employee room for the alive. Another attitude buried in thought by the absorbed in look the curiosity for the office life of Kim Min ash is enlarged. The expectation of the preliminary audiences is rising the taste me whom these who cannot remove on the basis of if it will cost the pension fund the personality overflowing will show in the character change full. KBS the sense of presence of Kim Min ash which the friendly relations with one’s neighbors gin and private award will stand out 2TV new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘it is ever good’ which is planning to be broadcasted to ‘the today’s espionage’ subsequent on November 7th wednesday afternoon 10 o’clock.
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