It succeeds to make the Ri and ‘my party’ which it will stand ‘the truth shop’.


” what type of point do men wonder about me? Is it truly the Michin X? (Smile) the chapter in which the Ri (the one’s real name Chinri Choi) which ” actor will undertake approaches the public to the first single reality program with the step was opened. Was really, the Seol Ri the number which it succeeds because of turning these minds taking the negative view about the self and making ‘my party’? The stood Ri reality program ‘the truth shop’ revealed the first episode ‘the way in which it sees the stood Ri’ a.m. 11 on 25th. ‘the truth shop’ plans the pop-up store in which the stood Ri reflects its own taste, and is the reality program drawing the open and run experience. His sincerity and fascination will get to be seen and it reveals through the woman’s unpainted face of the Seol Ri revealed through the truth store ‘the production crew the first broadcastings’ truth store ‘the growth phase stood of the Ri is shown and there is but it is the reality ” which the various view looking at the stood Ri is contained’ truth store ‘. As to the program, ‘it is shifted of the stood Ri’ is making the message stand at the front side. The time seeing the story the Eo truly of the Seol Ri which it is wonder and is mysterious to just don’t know ‘the truth shop’. The law had mutual understanding was learned through ‘the truth shop’. The new challenge of the Seol Ri making ‘my party’ truly was revealed, the introduction was set up. Moreover, the program is the one-sided broadcast taking the very subjective view on the stood Ri and even though this what kind of eye line cheats us, we are the party of the Seol Ri. The anti-fans of the Ri which especially it will stand the Stay Tuned (channel locking). If your mind changed due to the broadcast of during 12 weeks, the hand stood of the Ri asked to be caught up to and the direction of the program was informed before. The Ri to be stood in the first broadcastings confessed the confusion and wound undergone due to the entertainment world activity which it goes into the childhood. He didn’t have the man who it was since childhood active, thinks of me that it was young particularly. The luggage was abundant in the shoulder and it was scary. It came out and this clothes seemed to be not right. It was scary and the future was not seen. There was no man listening to the hard story and it was the feeling remaining alone at the world and looked back. ” anthropophobia and panic disorder were and undergone. While even in case the > men left, there was and it was hurt by the man, it completely collapsed. At that time, I was unable to understand what it was difficult and opened heart. However, because there was the hard time, there is stood present Ri. There was one people, surely the man holding hands in the situation like the precipice confessed. The Seol Ri debutting as the SBS TV show ‘dongyo Suh’ child actor in 2005 at that time with the age of 12 changed into the singer as the group F X member after 4 years. The Seol Ri loved for the charming appearance caused the dispute due to the stage manners, and etc. which there is no of the surname gradually. F X from was withdrawn in 2015. It converted after actor and the solo pass was set up. However, it rose to the plentiful malicious gossip including the dispute because of the Instagram placard catalog, which doesn’t fit for every kind of love affair and general emotion and etc. It is ‘ritta Rol dispute’ ‘the eel dispute’ etc. which this name is provocative. It was early of the stood Ri, the qualifier called ‘issue maker’ followed in the before continuously. The Seol Ri taking the public and one-sided communication with Instagram sticks the hand which the sincerity is young out through ‘the truth shop’ to the public. However, the contradictory response appears in the frank confession stood of the Ri. Firstly, the reaction which is not easy is the majority at that time to understand ‘Myway’ is not construed pass including working, which and etc. no more than one which doesn’t understand the action shown to the fans and public emotion. ‘root’ has the reaction with the opposition. The stood Ri is any kind of aspect the steps through this program, whether the attention of the world is concentrated if the episode end public and any kind of relationship is built. In SM CCC LAB, the program made the planning. And there is no script, it spreads. After being revealed in every week, Thursday V live, and Naver TV beginning with this day first broadcasting, it can meet in ‘SM CCC LAB’ channel.
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