Korea-China international film festival and lean 0 the ore lode the presence…11 the month 12 the day the Olympic hall fanfare


2. Be spread on November 12th Olympic Park Olympic hall which Korea-China international film festival (KCIFF and chief director Geunwoo Cho) comes. Korea-China international film festival receives display the movies from all over the world that last a year is put on the screen and it is the second opinion with the judgment and awarded film festival this year. Especially the excavation awards the talented new actor and man of ability who the commercial movie is no less through one chinese-made short film festival held prior to the seen awards ceremony. In order to grow to the compliance which is big in “the film festival was held in the discord of the Sadeu (THAAD) and bad factor last year and as to this year, this size grew bigger more” ” China inside and global film festival which Korea-China international film festival will develop more as much as there will be the interest and not only Korea and China but also cosmopolitan has together, KCIFF Geunwoo Cho chief director will try. It told. In this second time Korea-China international film festival, the international hollywood movie people concerned decide to visit Korea a lot and the special attention against is hit. The director seeing Hollywood Matthew of representing ‘kingsman’ series in this awards ceremony and Jack Brinkley director and laneM director, Maikkaru writer, and actor Robert Wood attends. The heat in the China side is hotter. The vegetable copy, buccal gland, rinse ring, movie director and producer Teddy Cha, holy place Yong this filial duty mistake, and etc. promised the presence including 0 actor lean called Chinese top star. 0 leans who enjoy the popularity as much as it is called as ‘chinese Park Bo-gum’ among this are judged to flock a lot to the home fans. These overseas actors and directors attend one chinese-made short film festival which proceeds prior to the seen awards ceremony after revealing the special opinion about Korea short movie market. Sip Korea-China international film festival host people concerned waits and sees the appearance in which Korea-China international film festival has been developing continuously to “it forecasts that it is thankful for the difficulty and numerous Chinese government Chinese government showing the position of the cooperation in the condition and as to the important base comes Korea-China international film festival till the civil diplomacy book in the future” front of ” in the inside atmosphere like the nowIt told all.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736396.htm, 2018/10/26 17:21:06]