‘kyonggyu Lee daughter’ Iyerim and ‘hot issue’ till the love corp. from the diet


The daughter actor Iyerim of the broadcaster Kyonggyu Lee succeeds in the diet recently and it is the topic. Together, his actor debut is bought and it attracts till the love story and there is. As to Iyerim, “this day liked the weather” inserted the picture in its own Instagram with the writing on 24th. The bright smile is formed and He is staring at the camera in the revealed photo. Especially the agile jaw line turns off the attention. The reason why this photo gets the great interest is due to JTBC drama ‘my id Kangnam beauty’ which Iyerim appears previously. Iyerim increased the quantity of 9kg almost at that time in order to carry out Taehui Kim role of ‘it is plump and is rather pretty’ character. The appearance succeeded in the diet in the Ji 2 month which after drama ends is displayed and the interest against is hit and there is. The agency Ppideseuseuppattiyum of Boyeong Park and exclusive contract was finished in last June and Iyerim foretold the real actor activity. As to one, He debutted the postponement starting as the drama ‘my id Kangnam beauty’ as the web drama ‘the guest it loves’. It had to be blamed if as to Iyerim, the appearance was not ‘two years olds of celebrity’ privilege at that time but the attention of the blame was gathered with the stable acting. In addition, the interest the passionate love of the Iyerim is received against and there is. The soccer player Kim Yeong chan and fact that it is love passionately was known at June last year. The separation rumor became a subject of discussion in last July once but Kyonggyu Lee said in JTBC ‘give the meal’ “when it will be good if the absoluteness was not separated” and the separation rumor was ceased. Like this, it attracts attention if the Iyerim which is becoming spreads any kind of pass in the future.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736301.htm, 2018/10/26 00:00:03]