‘london film festival best actress award’ Hahn, Han Geemin… “the life world way which the children is happy”


The actor Hahn, Han Geemin got the best actress award in the fourth time London East Asia film festival (London East Asia Film Festival). Hahn, Han Geemin agency BH entertainment revealed and like this, this told as the second opinion reception splendid achievement after the 38 time Yeongpyeongsang best actress award which Korean film critic society sponsors on 26th. He awards the glorious prize according to the agency, thank you It thinks very gladly only that it can come to this seat as ‘the Miss white’ today and the special prize is gotten and it is happier. ‘the Miss white’ is the movie dealing the story about the child abuse. The impression where there am me the enjoy the happy life which had to think and which properly all children in the world have to be guaranteed that any kind of child shouldn’t undergo that misfortune number will be good if there was the number was said. As much as the film festival opened in London field, the impression professional was digested into Engilsh and Hahn, Han Geemin communicated with the audiences directly. Hahn, Han Geemin starring movie ‘the Miss white’ was chosen as the work opening ‘Stories of Women’ (the story Obeu woman) section the film festival receiving cooperation with audiences the hottest and got the favorable criticism of the film festival people concerned called “the movie which jumps over the language and culture and which it can have mutual understanding”. Meantime, ‘the Miss white’ is the entertainment tax on the unsealing 3 weeks round.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736407.htm, 2018/10/26 18:16:19]