Meeting of the Eric south X lion king. The collaboration special ‘


The singer Eric other decorated the musical ‘Lion King’ team and special stage. Like this, the clip service explained on 26th that it revealed and Eric other visited Singapore prior to the performance in Korea of ‘Lion King’ and it proceeded with the collaboration stage. Eric other having the talent on not only song but also instrumental play changed into the special Ppeokkeosyeoniseutteu (the man playing the drum, cymbals, and percussion instrument of the castanet such as professionally) of the musical ‘Lion King’. ‘ryan king’ is the characteristic to play South Africa traditional musical instrument percussion in order to serve the sole of the africa being the basis of work. Eric other got the percussion technique lesson according to the publicity team from the music supervision microphone Shah Pirkle Routh (Mike Schaperclaus) in the field directly and it won high praise with the fast acquirability. Eric south danced to the percussion music and performed the joint performance of the actor Neu storm of life Ppijeng (Ntsepa Pitjeng) of ‘the lapin key’ role and ‘He lives in you’ (the Hi leave-in Yoo) tune. ‘He lives in you’ is the version arranged specially for Eric south. Eric south challenged ‘Lion King’ instant audition. ‘Circle of Life’ (the circle Obeu life) which got the coating from the Neu storm of life Ppijeng which has the meeting in the stage surprisingly after the ball opening directly and is ranked as the opening where it is most overwhelming Broadway inverse mapping was sung enthusiastically on the other hands, it did to meet frequently the nose Ppulsae who is the butler of the king with Deure Ang Yooseun (Andr’e Jewson) of the station and boast the extempore acting. The body acting of ” actor seemed to be easy and eric south tries directly, it is really difficult. The skill of ‘Lion King’ actors was really great and the experience impression was revealed. Meantime, perform Daegu Commandments Art center from November 7th in 2018 until December 25th and ‘Lion King’ international tour meets the audiences in the Seoul Arts Center opera house in Seoul from January 9th in 2019 until March 28th.
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