Milyang It becomes the movie ‘one Kongju’ motive case and harmer recent condition opening to the public which


While ‘milyang case of middle school girl’ in which It becomes the motive of the movie ‘one Kongju’ was getting attention, the recent condition of the relevant case harmers was revealed and the large-scale shock was being given, the movie ‘one Kongju’ was broadcasted in 25 days movie channel CGV. ‘one Kongju’ is the movie which is happening Milyang rape of middle school girl made with the meterial in 2004. One which ‘milyang case of middle school girl’ is getting the ability Thursday while this film is on the air ‘the rape case in Miryang case’ is the case it calls to Milyang and 44 high school student in Gyeongsangnam-do Milyang assaults Ul-san’s middle school girl sister and which continues about 1 and which it rapes. Because of having a picture of the raped scene as the video or photo and will spreading over Internet, at that time, the harmers were revealed to threaten and the part is revealed to be actually going around among the investigation by police. The prosecution indicted 10 people participating in the sexual violence directly at that time. 20 people sent to Juvenile Court. By the reason that the rest agreed or it was not included in the complaint, it released. Also charged 10 people was sent to the next year Juvenile Court but it stopped in hiting against the probation disposition, and etc. the fact that was not punished such as for one people, the criminal record didn’t remain, etc was known and 0 minutes of people was bought among 44 people. The recent condition of the harmers of the relevant case is among these revealed and the public anger is evoked. On last August 15th, the Busan District Court criminal case 9 single Minseok Cho head judge revealed that he sentenced Mr.A and Mr B charged with the law violation about the equitable exaction of the Loan Act bond and charge of blackmailing to the imprisonment of 10 months and imprisonment of 8 months. The double Mr B was the accomplice of Milyang gang bang of a junior high girl student in 2004. The money was exposed to be mainly borrowed from the debtors with the other groups and Mr B is exposed to undertake the bill collection book role that it visited everyday and has been receiving the interest and principal. Even though these were not formal loan company, the announcement card in which the sentence of ‘on 1st, the repayment 5 minute loan and without collateral unsecured’ etc. is written was sprinkled at the street. After the prepaid interest of 10~20% being deducted and lending the several million won to the common people whom the contact comes, it was the back illegal usurious loan business getting the interest of 292~889% charged with one charge.
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