Seulki Bae “the band… gets angry and the movie ‘ Lespedeza cuneata ‘ exposure feels victimized” exposing one’s thoughts


The actor Seulki Bae expressed the feel victimized mind for the movie heart exposure scene band. The on-line fashion magazine Bnt opened the pictorial and interview contents sharing with Seulki Bae on 25th. All Nanwot the frank story about the growth process Seulki Bae makes debut at the interview The story about the exposure in the movie ‘lespedeza cuneata’ attracts attention among others. The Seulki Bae “the appeared exposure has never been done” was ” band. But as I did with the communication miss with the publicity team, it became and I expressed. After that, the story which ” exposure is related was promised that detail didn’t come out in the interview with media. The publicity team was once changed in the middle like that. One day, ‘it suffered from Seulki Bae and exposure’ the article came out. Because the word which it doesn’t came out as the article, it was really angry and felt victimized and the feel victimized mind was expressed. The time to get ‘ Lespedeza cuneata ‘ offer in fact was 15 years old grades from the beginning without the exposure and Seulki Bae determined the performance But when the situation got to be changed, then the producer side proposed the band in advance and the appearance on the stage reason was confessed. Besides, the market condition string was mentioned as the actor who would like to keep time among the actor sharing in this interview again. He is the friend where there is very the passion. If there is the good chance, it meets once again and would like to check The passion got to overflow together and I explained to the passionate appearance. Kang Soo-yeon was pointed out with the role model. Meantime, seulki Bae showed off the fascinating atmosphere which the fall sensibility is felt from this pictorial progressing for three concepts including FRJ Jeans, Bnt Collezione (it is the Biaen flaw shape regio), root circle, and etc. and fresh charisma.
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