SK Telecom and admission…” with SK Infosec perfection subsidiaryThe group security business concentration “


On 26th, all Bahyeot SK Telecom decided to transfer SK Infosec to the perfection subsidiary through the comprehensive stock exchange The exchange stocks is SK Telecom corporation’s own stock 1.6% and SK Infosec shares 100%. SK Infosec transferred to SK Telecom in SK㈜ exceeds the annual sales 200 billion won with the domestic 1 above information security company based on the state business domain including the security control and consulting · solution, and etc. SK Telecom unites the security business ability of me in SK Group and promotes the synergy making. The sales network of ADT Kkaepseu merged with NSOK in the short term and SK Infosec is shared and the quantitative growth is planned. It is the plan which builds the integrated service system in the physical security with the longer-term till the information security and which it leads the changes of the domestic security service market. SK Telecom is looking ahead that ADT Kkaepseu moving man power who is the information security platform of the ICT technology which is new due to this subsidiary admission and SK Infosec and physical security businessman fuses into one and the security service in the new dimension is born. For example, the outsider‘s intrusion is sensed with SK Telecom video security solution. The solution hacking is prevented through SK Infosec security platform and ADT Kkaepseu moving security guard controls entrance and exit and it can have the omnibearing security arrangement. SK Telecom is the plan using the safety in which the secured differencing changes into the security ability of SK Infosec with the held quantum cryptography Communication Technology for 5G competitiveness for its own. The representative of SK Telecom revealed “it is the plan which gathers all abilities in the information security till the physical security and has been leading the changes of the security market and reform and the future fusion security industry”.
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