The God Jae Min the recent condition topic… member “this alternative something”


‘the nation baby’ Jae Min objection recent condition appeared in ‘the God baby book’ put on the screen in the popular was revealed in the past and it was becoming a hot issue, the appearance getting back together again was drawn as the god members and Jaemin bivalent video call in JTBC variety program ‘it hangs up’ which the day is broadcasted with 25. When the baby book ‘ of the God was broadcasted, It became unawares, 21-year-old adult coming back who is one flesh ventilation baby and it was the members startled all of a sudden. The. “would you check?” in this day broadcastingIn the world ” this members is the substitution any thing it greeted it was shy It was poor, saying that it was big, it was much to suppress the surprise. Son Ho the soul especially playing an active part as ‘eomma Wang’ was moved to tears as if it had mixed feelings in the meeting of the Jae Min person. Son Ho the soul conveyed “the proposal that it is faced with the end that it suffered from the bivalent childhood penalty of popularity of Jaemin because of holding was difficult” “the fear appeared if the word in which the brothers saw and which doesn’t want was taken” the state of mind. The members said to be “one which it contacts directly if it goes to Korea” and it promised the getting back together. Meantime, as to ‘it hangs up together’, the god members are broadcasted by the program putting the story of the members rising to Santiago pilgrimage every week thursday afternoon at 11 o’clock.
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