The Hyun Bin · Chang Donggeon starring ‘rampancy’ and first day box office 1…150,000 audience mobilization


The actor Hyun Bin Chang Donggeon starring movie ‘rampancy’ climbed the premiere first day box office 1 Wi, about 156,600 the day before audience and about 168,000 the accumulated audience was gathered and the movie ‘rampancy’ (the supervision Kim Sunghun · manufacture Ri amount film movie company ear boil) occupied the first place of box office according to 26 days Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network. The day before record is overpoweringly high figure compared with the time same movies now playings at theater. The same day ‘female and male murder’ gathered the audience 25,000 Yeo people (about 3.5363 million accumulated audience) and was pushed out to two Wi of box office. The third was ‘the craze reach Asian’ gathering the audience 18,700 Yeo people (about 19,600 accumulated audience). And the audience 17,000 Yeo people (about 36,600 accumulated audience) and ‘the Miss white’ gathered the audience 17,000 Yeo people (about 543,600 accumulated audience) and ‘the rock of Harry Potter and wizard’ succeeded the back. ‘rampancy’ silver opened with the world in which ‘the Yae ear’ in which the dead is not the mountain person runs rampant and action work drawing the desperate struggle of the prince confusion coming back to Joseon of the crisis (hyun Bin) and (the Chang Donggeon) given the absolute evil Geimsa that it swallows Joseon the day before. Meantime, it ended up in 752 audiences, 903 accumulated audience and the wing rod heartburnings Sangsu Hong director new work ‘blades of grass’ like ‘rampancy’ was ranked as 15 Wi of the day before box office.
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