The Idonghwi and Gyusung Jang director new work star casting…’The first sole striker ‘


It is in the midst of the casting and shooting on the new work ‘the child of the home’ (the supervision Gyusung Jang) of Gyusung Jang director who the actor Idonghwi (33) makes ‘Teacher Bongdo Kim’ ‘the head of a village and governor’ etc. with the star. It is the new work of the year 2 from Gyusung Jang director and the meaning is added with the first sole striker leading role of the personality actor Idonghwi at the same time. The multiple staff member of films revealed that Idonghwi was cast in the movie ‘the child of the home’ on 26th. ‘the child of the home’ put the story which got involved in the case of which the lawyer pursuing the success is accidental and which it experiences. The schedule.’ which undertakes the law school from lawyer apical lobe role who is the star of the movie bent the transfer and shows off the new fascinationThe back which it is the home ‘the actor wire besides the hero Idonghwi and’ Kkideu Wi ‘ from most order of the child vacant appears. Eyes falls if the beloved actor Idonghwi shows any kind of looks through the acting the personality overflowing in the various works in the first leading roles so far. The part which moreover is and expected in ‘the wind Baram’ (2016) ‘I am Leero Wang ox’ (2012) ‘the female teacher VS girl student’ (2004) ‘the head of a village and governor’ (2007) ‘Teacher Bongdo Kim’ (2003) back majority the movie with the new work story of the story and Gyusung Jang director it showed the soft output strong ‘the child of the home’ cranked in October and it is 12 month crank up schedule. Open with the goal on January, 2019.
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