The law “the whole territory and access barred in Nancy Lang” temporary guarded command measure


The court was the temporary guarded command action young from the Junchoo Jeon (the house call battle formation) to the violence and habitual Pop artist Pop artist Nancy Lang who insists to get the threat as the sexual intercourse movie width, with ㄴ, as to Seoul Court of Family Affairs, ㄴ was on Nancy Lang temporary guarded command action young according to 25 days Seoul Yongsan Police Station, and etc. In case the victim of domestic violence claims the victim guarded command, before having the victim guarded command, the judge can have the temporary guarded command. The Seoul Court of Family Affairs left the habitation of Nancy Lang to Junchoo Jeon immediately and ordered one which it will not enter the habitation of Nancy Lang, one which it will not approach the habitation · job of Nancy Lang, and etc. by 100m within till the victim guarded command decision, and to make a phone call to Nancy Lang till the victim guarded command decision or not send the letters, audio, video, and etc. one. Nancy Lang disclosed previously to appear in CBS radio ‘the news show of Hyeonjung Kim’ at last 17th and receive ‘the revenge pornography’ threat from Junchoo Jeon. In this day broadcasting, ” current situation is very painful and Nancy Lang is so difficult. With the love which I selected My news of gets to be given from the marriage to the divorce in a sense to be noisy in this way and be tired and it is really truly sorry to many people. The really good looks wanted to be presented and the stuffy state of mind was conveyed. With respect to this, it refuted and started, saying that the truth was not. He had the video but it was the statutory for submission for the lawsuit. And it explained because there was no fact of threat.
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