The lean ♥ completion and love electrical wire no problem


Oh. When was this one prepared? It is really the impression. The face of stiffening lean was full with the bright smile by the consistently tension. It is the man and husband completion changing his feeling in the moment like the magic. The sad love song specialist and singer lean (the LYn· one’s real name 2se battle formation) commemorated 10 number regular album ‘#10’ issue and the music hall was held. The regular album ‘#10’ music hall which is held in the Seoul Gangnam-ku diary art hall was held p.m. 4 on 25th and lean gave notice of the comeback. As to this day event, the prerelease of the 10th the album entire song highlight impression of lean and recording song ‘the you, the book’ ‘it is the song only’ accomplished. Lean debutting as ‘My First Confession’ (MI first baseman confession) in 2001 Ten today, (25) reveals through every kind sound source site at 6 p.m. albums of regularity are the year 3 after the past 2,015 year. It is lean that it retired from the world so far and tried in order to get the artistic inspiration. The photo time with was hesitantly proceeded in the spotlight shined me after long interval. He was unable to hide the feel burdened heart by the closely tense expression that He concentrated the special affection to the album this time. Lean will don’t know why ” today will be nervous in this way. The look like the idiot was likely to come out and the photo asked to be prettily put and it made a request. The expression of lean, who prepares Q&a it alights on the seat it finishes the music hall still, ‘rigidity’ The various efforts were tried so that the comedian Bora Shin taking care of this day society could resolve the tension. However, because already frozen He showed the looks the usual time Dap, it seemed to be late. But at that time, the gift appeared surprisingly for lean. It seeks an understanding and is sorry for the group of reporters that the president sees. It was the gotten place, gave the hour for some time, and the question was said. After that, it explained as “the congratulating person prepares the gift and it is trying to have the regular album release of lean the time when it congratulates the minute altogether than the someone”. Surprisingly, (?) gift finally appearing on stage It was the cake which the husband completion prepares directly and which feels sweet. It was him who lean was well known than someone and who is. The consideration that it does more comfortably stood the mind of the wife out with the small event. Lean of who was unable to anticipate the gift surprisingly at all the husband looked quietly at the cake placed close at hand as the surprised lagophthalmos for some time. Lean was really surprised. It is the impression. The completion Ssi came together in the music hall place in fact. In this somehow,… I am seenIt smiled shyly. It was simple ‘self-celebrating party’. The hapiness small for him who releases the album constantly for a long time and visits the fans for ten albums of regularity in no time As much as the sad song was sung, the husband completion seemed to be situated to lean whose the emotional consumption is big as the strong support. Lean and husband completion which sings the sad love song but which it is doing the love which is happier than someone It was the musician. It was the moment when the mom who cherished as the spouse and considers stands out. Meantime, the title song ‘the temperature of the farewell’ of lean is the sensitive Ballard which is made of the group work of lean and singer song writer Saebyeol Park. It expressed pathetically to is unable to be connected by the breathing of which love this mind is the same. Besides, if it is lean, the legitimacy Ballard number coming into mind is full. The Sungje Hwang and the album this time making lean and numerous hit song my humble mind Ho and Hwangchanhui composer took part. And the producing team JPG kept in tune with lean in preopened ‘the dream of the mother’ joined in last May. Lean built the hit song of ‘it loved’ ‘the farewell flesh’ ‘ringback-tone’ back parting sensibility. It acceded OST queen and the large-scale love of over in 18 years public was gotten with ‘the time is gone back’ of ‘the month incubating the sun’, ‘My Destiny’ of ‘you breaking out at the star’, and ‘stay in the wind’ back of ‘the deer MI Friends’. It got married with the singer completion in 2014. And it became a hot issue for the couple in person of real ability. The regularity 10 album ‘#10’ of lean is opened through every kind sound source site p.m. 6 on 25th. Hold the regularity 10 album commemoration of sale solo concert in 3 days and 4 days for two days Seoul plum blossoms woman university Samsung hole next month.
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