The real reason opposed Seokchun Hong daughter and census registration border


The reason why the daughter Hongjueun Miss of the broadcaster Seokchun Hong changed its own census registration in the past, it opposed was revealed and the interest was being concentrated, the appearance which recalled at the time when the daughter Hongjueun Miss of Seokchun Hong will change the census registration in the past from the TvN variety program ‘the mother came out’ which the day is broadcasted with 25 and which it conveys the one’s innermost feeling was on the air. In this day broadcasting, the Hongjueun amount opposed in the production crew and interview to ” first time to raise the census registration. The uncle was shameful and was not. When asking the relationship between the uncle and I in the around, it was so difficult to explain and the luck was taken off. After that, ” mother and father divorced and the uncle adopted me. In this way, it is that one itself is difficult. There is no repentance. (To Seokchun Hong) the help was much received. About happened often, it confessed. In the meantime, when being the really valuable uncle, then one spoke on name “the word called the fact dad is unfamiliar and it calls” called ‘dad’ ” (seokchun Hong) as the father “. All Heullyeot impressive tearIn the meantime, it is broadcasted every week thursday afternoon at 8:10.
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