The reason why Seokchun Hong daughter and netizen are moved?


While the broadcaster appears in TV and the broadcaster Seokchun Hong reveals the daughter and cozy everyday first, the hot interest of the netizen is continued every day. Seokchun Hong showed the appearance spending the daughter adopting in the TvN ‘the mother came out’ broadcasted at last 25th afternoon 10 years ago and time during cozy. The entry in the family register was made on family register child and Seokchun Hong brought up 2 children of the sister who 2008, that is 10 year agoes, divorces. After adoption fact is opened and He shows the heart-rending feeling for the children through the majority broadcasting and medium. He expressed the heart-rending mind toward the nephew who has to grow appearing on SBS ‘the Joeun morning’ and having the uncle who is the homosexual as the guardian. Seokchun Hong had to grow the gay uncle that is the most famous at the Republic of Korea up as the guardian. That one was seen and it was much anxious. However, the luck is growing up strongly. When the children are understanding the situation of my situation and sister, questioning “***” children ‘if the man who is good for the mom appears later and it gets to get married, he will do how’, then it answers as ‘then, it can live with the uncle’. This word to was listened and the sense was felt and it revealed. The adoptive of Seokchun Hong luminated again The netizen made the profuse cheer. The Yuri**** ‘ three transiton. It is really wonderful. It was the man where there were likes and dislikes due to the identity but was more usually large hearted than the men to feminine and who ‘the Poli****, moreover, it told’ accent led the good work and if the appeasement entertainer was not who practiced and where there is really the courage and the comment was left. The netizen of the id added one word of the cheer, saying that jiaz*** was ‘it thinks maybe that the mom or good dad can come to the man who Seokchun Hong is the same’.
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