The rookie Hongyerim and damage caused hail battle formation and same mess The mountain movement and exclusive contract


The new actor Hongsae loam stretches the wing in the real activity. Like this, the stingy agency mountain movement told on 26th that it will reveal and will support the working of the Hongyerim, that is the god. The Hongsae loam graduates from Anyang advance notice department of dancing with 1,994 formers and is the outstanding asset on the Korean dance attend Chungnam University department of dancing. It is the ballet and strong character versatile character that it is combining the horse riding ability and that shows the talent to the art and composition as the hobby. The Hongsae loam got the good luck selected for the global commercial model with this contract. The Hongsae loam comes and goes the damage caused hail, that is the casting and Maine model, battle formation and drifting people prize by LED near infrared ray mask CF center heroine of the come Co yeast skin and is planning to show of small but sturdy build smoke. The target advertisement is expected that it appears for the first time in China as the single advertisement in the early December and the story which is interesting with the theme spreads with the love which it settles down and it can catch the fun and advertizing effect up to simultaneously. The Hongsae loam meets the good agency through the agency and can engage the various activities and is happy. It will be active as the position that what will do eagerly with the passion the new actor Dap by being modest, in the future. All Bahyeot the resolution it will be good it gave it watched much
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