The story of the year 10 which ‘the joy of the dialogue’ IU and we didn’t know


It is the singer I meeting the debut in the 10th anniversary. The story of the year 10 which we didn’t know is on the air. IU sallies into the eighth guest at the KBS2 variety program ‘the joy of the dialogue’ broadcasted on the coming 27th afternoon. IU the year 2,008 debutting into the age of 15 attained the debut in the 10th anniversary as this year. It is the child growing into the artist shaking the public mind in the fresh girl. He is expected to take the frank time looking back upon the debut in the 10th anniversary in ‘the joy of the dialogue’. IU finished all ones according to the idea that it has to survive at any rate at random. The combat power was the best and it is the rumor that it reminisced about the past. The memorable past stage episode was opened. The episode which it will be unable to laugh “the audiences had the interest at the word than me more” is confessed saying that IU has sung a song in the racecourse. Besides, it is planning to tell till the meter which intends to do because of producing from the coming life first slump, story which it thought to the drama ‘my uncle’ shooting abort, and youth this Ji the debt of gratitude story which the singer IU is not. In the meantime, it is the circle night DIP talk show which invites the only one man who would like to meet most now and talks.
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